26.10.2015 14:40
Day 100. This is the end.

Sooner or later this day has to come. While we were waiting for it anxiously in the beginning, now we feel a little bit sad that it all ends so quickly. Anyway, we are glad that we are getting to the end of our programme and this is the post for the last day.

100 days is quite along run and during these days you have been able to achieve outstanding results. We hope that all of you have been able to reach your goals: to integrate the workout into your lives and to get fundumental knowledge on training and nutrition that will help to go on by yourselves, This is really great!

100 Days WorkOut programme was born not only as an answer to multiple questions from newbies, but also as a guide. And here is a list of people we would like to thank for their oustanding help!

We thank ogrudko. This programme would not happen without him. We also want to thank kiss for his criticisms and advice for newbies. Thanks to everyone who shared their experience. This information was helpful for programme designers and motivating for other participants.

Another set of thanks for those who helped to translate this programme into English: mtbrDot (HUGE THANKS, MAN!!!), ogrudko, @Gunner89, Elvie, Krio, & Vitali Zhamoidik. With their help we were able to make the complete translation of our programme to english.

We keep studying your results and we are happy for what you have achieved! We hope that you will pass on your knowledge (or at least share the link to the programme). We can change the world together!

That is it! Good luck and have fun 😉

<url="http://workout.su/100dw">100 Days WorkOut - Contents</url>
Сколько людей - столько чудаков
26.10.2015 14:41
УРААААА! Я сделал ЭТО!
Сколько людей - столько чудаков
28.10.2015 17:44

Корректировки внесены!
кто не сворачивает тот дойдет (c) DoXoD