16.10.2015 10:10
Day 95: TURBO circuit DELTA

We keep on going in a TURBO mode! Do a good warm-up, then do a horse stance (as you did in the first TURBO day) and move to the new circuit! You will need to do 5 rounds without rest between exercises. Rest only if you need it!

Exercise #1: slow push-ups. Perform push-ups with a tempo 5-0-E. That is you go down in 5 seconds, do not pause in the lower position and push yourself up with a quick effort (explosive!). Do 5-10 reps.

Exercise #2: slow squats. The same idea applies here. Go down very slowly, with the same tempo (5-0-E) and perfect technique! Do 10-20 reps.

Exercise #3: slow pull-ups. Do pull-ups with the same tempo: go up (the positive phase) explosively and without any pause start going down very slowly, in 5 seconds. Do 5-10 reps.

Tommorow will be another day and another circuit for you 😉

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