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Day 98: TURBO circuit ETA

The last day of TURBO block and the last circuit for you!

Today you have start with a proper warm-up, since we are going to try our maximums with a ladder style training! Those who have been training for some time or those who remember their childhood are already familiar with the term "ladder training" and for those who do not know what the ladder is there will be a brief manual.

Exercise #1: Pull-ups. Do 1 rep, then get off the bar, then do 2 reps and get off the bar and so on until you reach your maximum. After that do each set decreasing the number of reps by one. So if your max was 10 then do 9, 8, 7 until you do one rep again.

Exercise #2: Push-ups. The same principle applies but this time increase your number by two. Start with 2 reps and add 2 with every set until you hit your maximum and then go down in the same manner.

Exercise #3: Squats. Apply the same scheme here, but start with 5-10 reps and add the same number with each set.

If you reach your true maximum with each exercise you will not be able to do anything else for quite some time 😉 Since this circuit cannot be done oftenly, you can make a video of today's training. And tomorrow will be a rest day and summarise of our training programme.

<url="http://workout.su/100dw">100 Days WorkOut - Contents</url>

P.S. Count all your reps and post your numbers if you are not afraid to share your results.
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