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Day 90: Training programme design: practice

We have spent the whole week talking about theory and principles of training programme design. Now it is time we put this knowledge to work.

Step #1: Define your goals

Training can be split into general fitness and special fitness. This is major point. Minors are repetitions, sets, rest periods, training time. It seems reasonable that novices should train for general fitness, all others should train for general fitness as well but they also train for special fitness depending on their goals

Step #2: Plan your day

You need to appoach training from all sides. There are certain rules to abide by:

a) You must have enough energy to train. You have to train being well-fed and rested, otherwise you would not be able to give your 100% and you would do less. So training early in the morning and/or very late in the evening should be avoided. If your lifestyle does allow you enough resources for your goals, you should set more reasonable goals. Train harder at weekends, train at work. Many train like that.

b) Plan your nutrition beforehand. Prepare your meals for work. Nutrition is essential.

c) Rest and sleep enough. This is quite obvious.

Step #3: Outline structure of your training programme and choose exercises

a) Assess your fitness level. It will define training schedule. Novices (let’s say, up to 8 pull-ups) would rather train the whole body in one training session and do 3-5 training sessions per week. Low level does not allow one to work out 1-2 separate muscle groups, split training is not efficient because of that. When you reach average level then it becomes possible to work out 1-2 muscle groups or do 2-3 exercises and thus move on to split training. This method is more effective. Recovery takes longer hence you train each group only twice a week.

b) Choose exercises depending on your goals. If it is general fitness then choose basic exercises. You need to work out all muscle groups evenly then keep the schedule balanced. 2-3 basic exercises for each group is most optimal.

For gerenal fitness difficult exercises should come first and you should spend most of your resouces on them.

You also have to do a warm-up prior to training emphasising the joints that will work during the session. Warm-down (or cool-down) after the session. The rules of 100 Days apply here as well.

Step #4: Build a one week plan

Spread workload evenly between exercises taking into account their complexity to balance the workload. Make an estimate of total weekly volume to make it progressive from week to week.

Step #5: Execute your programme

Step #6: Analyse the results

Analyse exercises and how they complement each other, training time, volume and other parameters. If it is Ok and you are satisfied than plan ahead for the next 2-3 weeks. Increase total workload gradually or in cycles:

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