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Day 78. Advanced technique #5

Today we are going to present you the LAST and MOST DIFFICULT technique of the ADVANCED block!!!
So, we have all feedback from the previous participants of 100 Days WorkOut program participants in our mind and came to conclusion that a lot more diversity should be added to ADVANCED block. But it must be a useful diversity, which would not only allow you to reduce psychological tiredness from certain monotony of rounds, but also would help all attendees to boost their final results.

To reach these two goals we decided to expand the new feature so favorited by many of us, the demonstration of new exercise technics from 1 day (as it was at previous start) to 7 (i.e. to the whole one week)!

Before going directly to technic demonstration we chose for you in the first week of ADVANCED block, we have to give you a few valuable guidelines:

(1) Your rounds in ADVANCED block will consist of the SAME exercises which were in BASIC block: pull-ups, squats, push-ups and lunges. Herewith you do all these exercises inside the round by means of new technic. Then you rest for 30-60 seconds (as usual) and go with a new round.

(2) Hard to say about the certain number of repetitions, therefore you’ll have to teach how to adequately estimate you strength. From our side we will always declare the complicity of demonstrated technic relatively to the usual option.

(3) If you are not able to a requred number of repetitions for any type of exercise, this round is considered to be the last one in today’s training session. After it do each exercise (pull-up, push-up, squat) one by one for a static hold at a point of maximum strain:

- for pull-ups – hold in the upper point,
- for push-ups – hold in the middle of the movement,
- for squats – hold in the position when your hips are parallel to the ground line
- for lunges- keep in the bottom point (you knee shouldn’t touch the ground!)

Imposing of such limitation is related first of all to the fact that you have make sure there is time for recovering within 24 hours between trainings , in order to keep every day training schedule. Therefore if you were wrong with the proper selection of the needed number of repetitions (there’s a possibility for this), such limitation will defend you from overtraining. At least we’re counting on it 😃

(4) If you understand at some point, that ADVANCED strain becomes excessive, you can always go back to the normal training style for a few days. You are free to alternate regular and advanced techniques within a week. In general, there’s some definite space for your creativity, related to the fact that we’re all different, and we don’t have enough statistics yet for ADVANCED block in order to give you unambiguous recommendations!


One of the easiest and most efficient ways to increase training load when it comes to bodyweight training is including explosive reps in your regular exercises. Today we will show you some plyometric variations of pull-ups, push-ups, squats and lunges!

Let's review plyometric squats for example. You squat down as in regular squats and after that you don't just go up, but flex your leg muscles as fast as possible so you will get enought power to make a small jump. Here is a video for you:

Same goes with push-ups and pull-ups:

This is the most difficult technique out of them all, so we would recommend you to start with 5-10-10-10 or even 5-5-5-5 reps in exercises!

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