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Day 96: TURBO circuit EPSILON

Without futher hesitation lets have a look at the today’s circuit and carry on!

After the warmup do Plank three times for 30-60 seconds with 10-20 second breaks.

Remember the following rules while doing planks:

Feets: the closer they are the harder is to keep your balance and the higher the load for your core. If you are a workout ninja then you can raise one leg into the air!

Legs: keep them straight and tense.

Glutes: Should be tense, it makes it harder to keep balance and increases total load for the core.

Lower back: keep the back flat, do not flex it. Lower back is an indicator: it is time to finish the exercise when your lower back starts sagging. Core muscles keep it straight and when they start failing the load moves on the spine. It is possible to keep the back straight with shoulders and glutes, but it is bad technique.

Elbows: keep them right under your shoulders.

After you are done with planks do the following circuit for 5 rounds with no rest in between:

Exercise #1: narrow/wide push-ups. Switch stances every round, that is if you start with the narrow stance then the next round you do wide push-ups and so on. 10-20 reps depending on your ability.

Exercise #2: sumo squats. 10-30 reps.

Exercise #3: pull-up with a dead hang. Do a pull-up or a chin-up and then hang from the bar for 5-10 seconds. Do 5-10 reps.

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