08.10.2015 21:17
Day 93: TURBO circuit Beta

Here is a new circuit for you today. After the warm-up do the horse stance again, for 30-60 seconds, and then move on to the today’s circuit. You will be doing just 3 exercises for 5 rounds, but without any rest in between!

If you feel out of breath then rest as much as you need and get back into the groove.

The following exercises are done one after another without rest:

1. Push-ups with arm raise Do a regular push-up then raise your left or right arm ahead and upwards, to the eye level, to keep the arm in line with the body. Repeat with another hand. This is one of the functional exercises that made workout famous. Do 10-20 reps depending on your level.

2. Squats with leg raise. The same principle applies: every time when you are in the upper position raise one your knee trying to touch the chest with the knee. It looks like running with high knees but without actual running. Do 20-40 reps depending on your level.

3. Pull-ups with knee raises. Do regular pull-up, get back in starting position and smoothly raise knees to chest. Do not jerk and shake! This is one rep, do 5-10 reps.

See you tomorrow. There will be another circuit for you!

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