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Day 92: the first day of the TURBO block

Times fly by and the finish of our programme is already visible on the horizon. There is only a week left and if you are willing to test your strength and add some diversity to your training, then we are here to help! Yesterday was the last day of the ADVANCED block and today is the first day of the TURBO block. But first let’s summarize what we have learned for the last seven days:

Day 85. Freestyle workout
Day 86. How to build a training programme
Day 87: Cardinal principles of physical training
Day 88. Physical training periodisation
Day 89. Ready-made training programmes
Day 90. Training programme design: practice
Day 91. The last day of the ADVANCED block

Well. First of all do the warm-up and then do horse stance:

Day 92: the first day of the TURBO block

Put your feet twice as wide as shoulder width and then squat until hips are parallel to the ground (approximately 90 degrees angle in the knees). Keep your torso straight, toes can point outwards, the spine may have a slight natural arch, you can keep your hands stretched in front of you (easier one) or at chest (harder one). Keep the position for 30-60 seconds. Count this exercise as continuation to warm-up 😉

Now recover your breath and do this sequence:

Push-ups: 3 reps

Lunges: 2 reps for each leg

Pull-ups: 1 rep

Repeat the sequence without pauses at moderate tempo. Women do this routine for 10 minutes, men do for 15 minutes. If you find yourself out of breath, then take your time to recover and go on.

Post your comments about your results, how many rounds you have completed.

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