16.09.2015 16:12
Day 91: The last day of the ADVANCED block

Today is the last day of ADVANCED block and tomorrow we will begin a new chapter in our programme, but there are still few interesting things I want to talk about with you.

There are only 11 days left... Everything comes to its end and our programme is not an exception. It means that in two weeks there will be the last videoblog and we will congratulate everyone who participated (especially those who have successfully completed the programme). From the very beginning our goal was to provide you with basic skills and knowledge, so after the finish you could go on by yourselves. We hope that we have succeeded with the task.

Sure, it is not possible to cover all the possible topics in the field of fitness and workout, training and nutrition, motivation and self development. We think that we let you peek behind the curtain that hides the whole new world: innumerable exercises, all kinds of sports and fitness, training programmes, techniques, nutrition questions and answers etc. We anticipate that you will want to learn more about yourlselves and your capabilities because WorkOut does not only change your body, but it also changes your mind. While you work on youselves, you become more confident in your powers and confidence is the key to success in all walks of life. There is a saying: “If you want to change the world, change yourlself”. Now you have made a pretty good start!

However, 100 Days WorkOut is only the beginning. Sure, you have improved your strength and started to change your looks, but we are certain that the majority of participants will want more. So you need new goals and need to find new ways to reach these goals. Luckily we live in the age of information technology and the Internet holds vast amounts of useful quality information. The only thing one needs to learn is to learn how to look for the right information. We are sure that there were people before you and they have shared their knowledge with the world.

We do not know at the moment weather there will be a more advanced version of the 100 Days WorkOut programme, since we do not have yet enough knowledge and experience. But be sure, we will keep going with two runs every years polishing the current programme (some participants have already noticed differences with previous editions).

We would be glad if you will share your own experience with friends and relatives or even with complete strangers, you meet on street playgrounds. We know that there are particpants who do exactly like that! One of the major principles of workout: eachone teach one. We shared a thing with you, you shared it with someone else and so on. It really works and the number of people doing workout keeps growing. We are sure that 1500 participants is not a limit for 100 Days WorkOut and we want to reach 5000 from all parts of the the world with the next edition!!!

All in all, it is a little early to feel nostalgic since there is a week and a half left, including the TURBO block which is as different from the ADVANCED block as the ADVANCED block is from the BASIC block 😉

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