25.08.2015 18:56
Day 54. Lunges (revisited)

And we have reached last but not least exercise in our training program: lunges. Today we will talk about different variables which can be adjusted in perfomance to shift the training load and make lunges a little bit different.

Lunges are great exercise if we talk about one-sided exercises, i.e. the ones which allow you to work only primarly one side of the body. With lunges you can eliminate your imbalances as well as shift the load from one muscle group to another.

To understand this idea better look at the picture, where muscles worked by lunged are highlighted:

Day 54. Lunges (revisited)

Length of step. A shorter step moves stress to quads and relieves hamstrings. If you do it otherwise and lengthen the step then you stress hamstrings and glutes more than quads.

3Dimensions. Lunges can be done in all four directions and not just back and forward. These variations shift stress inside quads and glutes and to a lesser degree outside quads.

Degree increase. Lunges can be done with a step up. That makes it harder and more intense and hits quads even more.

That's all for today, folks 😉

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