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Day 50. ADVANCED block training scheme

One cannot stop time and although it is hard to believe, but we have crossed the equator of our educational programme. It seems like we have just started yesterday, isn't it? Well, we have another half to go, but at first let's sum up the last week:

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50 days that is quite a lot of time and since we spent the previous day testing for our maximums so today is a well-earned rest day for you. But do not relax too much, we want to introduce to you something completely new in our ADVANCED block.

We have decided that the ADVANCED block should be more diverse and it has to be diverse with a purpose to alleviate your mental tiredness and monotony of our circuits and, at the same time, to improve the final results for all participants.

Before we start and get down to the first week technique we want to share some valuable knowledge:

(1) The ADVANCED block circuits remain the same: pull-ups, push-ups, squats and lunges. But you do the exercises applying new techniques. You can do them as you wish, with the old or new technique. Then you rest for 30-60 seconds and do another round.

(2) We cannot advise you on the number of repetitions. You have to be able to assess your strength on your own but we will tell you how hard the new technique is in comparison to the traditional one.

(3) If you fail to perform the necessary repetitions during any exercise then your circuits are done for a day. After that perform the following static holds at the point of maximum tension:

- for pull-ups do a flexed hang (at the top);
- for push-ups hold position in the middle of the movement;
- for squats hold your thighs parallel to the ground.

This rules are introduced to let you recover in 24 hours, to let you go on with training every day. If you miscalculated your reps this capping will protect you from overtraining. At least we hope so.

(4) If, at any moment, you start to think that a new technique is too tiring, you can always get back to the BASIC block style. You can also switch between new and basic techniques throughout the week. There is always a room for improvisation, since we do not have enough statistics for the ADVANCED block to set our recommendations in stone.

That is practically everything we wanted to tell you and now we get down to our first variation ....


Today we start with the technique that adds intensity to your regular exercises combining both static and dynamic training into one. You have to make a pause for a second or two at the bottom/top of the movement. If you can do a lot of reps, like 20, then pause for five seconds every five reps.

Let's apply pauses to pull-ups. From the initial dead hang position you pull yourself to the bar and hold there for 1-2 seconds, after that you get down to the initial position. This is one repetition.

The same principle applies to push-ups, squats and lunges:

You can do pause either in top or bottom positions. In the top position in squats and lunges legs should not be locked to keep tension in the muscles during the whole repetition.

This technique is the simplest among those that are waiting for you in the ADVANCED block. The number of reps can be the same as with the traditional BASIC block technique.

Break a leg!

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