17.08.2015 15:29
Day 49. The END of BASIC block

Today is the last day of the BASIC block and this means that it is time to take a look at the intermediary results and achievements.

First of all, I think, that it might be interesing to find out your new maximums for each exercise. This is why I advise you to test yourself today, also, if you want, you can do it only for those exercises that you are interested in.

And it would be really great if you post your results like this:

Pull-ups: then – 15, now – 20 (+5)
Push-ups: then – 30, now – 40 (+10)</quote>

And so on...

I am not a huge fan of going for the maximum reps number right away after the warm-up because I have concerns that it might be harmful for you cardiovascular system.

Here is my idea how to perform a test for maximum. Warm up thoughroughly and do the first set with 30-50% of your possible maximum. Then rest for 5-10 minutes to calm down the heart and nervious system and make another go for 100%. I have tried this with pull-ups, and can tell you that this scheme is safe and does not interfere with your maximums. If it works for pull-ups it must work for other exercises too.

For example, if your suggested maximum is around 10 then it is worth doing two warm-up sets of 3 and 6. If it is about 8 then you might as well warm up with 4 and then go for 8. Anyway, try to listen to the body. For instance, with maximum of 25 I would go for 10 and then 25 but if the maximum is 30, then I would do 10-20-30.

I think you might as well agree that it feels better to know your stable new maximum, than your accindent one time maximum, right?

Secondly, if you were willing to gain or lose weight, it is time to look at this aspect too. If you wish to share this information with us, we will be pleased and it's Ok if you don't.

Weight: then – 55 kg, now – 60 kg (+5)</quote>

If there are participants who have transformed themselves so much that they think they can motivate others, it would be great if you share your photos then and now. Do not be shy!

Thirdly, we want to make every next run o the program more effective and useful than previous, so we want to hear your comments and opinions on the order of the information posts, on what was missing from the first half of the program or what was not necessary.

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P.S. If you keep training, but do not want to share your results just post a smiley to let us know that you are still with us.
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