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Day 75. Exercise difficulty levels in calisthenics

Because we started this week with a discussion about new exercises, I think that it would be quite logical to make an info-post in which we systemize different popular exercises on muscles groups involved and difficulty level.

As I wrote before for convenience we decided to split all exercises in 2 directions: firstly by complexity, and secondly by the main group of muscles which involved in them. At the end we identified 5 muscle groups: chest, back, abs, legs and arms. And here what we’ve got (approximate classification, it would be cool to get your feedback on it)


Level I:
- Push-ups from knees
- Push-ups from knees with wide arm position
- Push-ups from knees with narrow arm position

Level II:
- Push-ups from floor
- Single leg push-ups

Level III:
- Clapping push-ups
- Bartendaz push-ups

Level IV:
- Dips
- Bar dips

Level V:
- Clapping dips
- Russian-style dips
- Dips with 180 degrees turning


Level I:
- Australian pull-ups
- Pull-ups on parallel bars

Level II:
- Pull-ups on horizontal bar
- Pull-ups with bottom grip
- Pull-ups with different grips
- Pull-ups with narrow grip
- Pull-ups with wide grip
- Pull-ups with parallel grip
- Pull-ups with neutral grip

Level III:
- High pull-ups with bottom grip
- Pull-ups to the knees

Level IV:
- Plyometric pull-ups
- Pull-ups with clap in front of you

Level V:
- Pull-ups with clap behind you
- Pull-ups with toes touching

Level VI:
- Front hanging
- Back hanging
- Pull-ups in front hanging
- Pull-ups in back hanging

Level VII:
- Muscle up with bottom narrow grip
- Muscle up with bottom crossed grip


Level I:
- Raising on toes
- Raising on toes on one leg

Level II:
- Chair against the wall

Level III:
- Squats

Level IV:
- Squats with jumps
- Lunges
- Side Lunges

Level V:
- Squats on one leg
- Pistols


Level I:
- Military push-ups
- Plyometric push-ups
- Push-ups on the bar

Level II:
- Triceps extension
- Diamond push-ups
- Push-ups with clap for foot
- Aztec push-ups

Level III:
- Muscle up
- Muscle up with bottom grip
- Muscle up with narrow grip
- Muscle up with wide grip

Level IV:
- Slow muscle up
- Zef muscle up
- Prince on two
- Push-ups in the handstand
- Tiger bend

Level V:
- Triceps extension by one hand
- Impossible on bars
- Muscle up with narrow bottom grip


Level I:
- Plank
- Side plank

Level II:
- Body raises
- Scissors

Level III:
- Angle on the horizontal bar
- Angle on the parallel bars

Level IV:
- Legs raises to the bar
- The book

Level V:
- Car wipers
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Day 85.
I will do what you won't today,
So I can do what you can't tomorrow.