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Day 14. Diet as a life style

The second week is coming to an end, and that means today you are going to have stretching and flexibility training instead of usual circuit training! I would like to dedicate this info-post to the topic of right attitude about healthy lifestyle and nutrition and thus to underline all topics of the current week.

You can find, I guess, millions of pages with information about nutrition in the internet, but I'm more than concirned that information from previous info-posts will be enough for you at the first time in order to start movement in the right direction. Of course, there are a lot of interesting matters about which we should make a discussion (and we’ll tell about them lately in our program), but today I’d like to focus your attention on the other thing.

If you really want to achieve significant results and not just reach them but also keep them for a long-term period, you have to consider your new nutrition schedule not like some new kind of diet, but as your new lifestyle. Because your looks is nothing but a consequence of your lifestyle, the way you live. Below is a small, but very interesing article, written by @yerofea.

Day 14. Diet as a life style

Not Diet, but a Lifestyle:>
"What a stupid word - diet, isn't it? It's perceived as a grave duty for limiting the quantity and taste advantages of eaten food. But it should be remembered that this word has Greek origin, and its meaning is very close to what’s considered to be a "lifestyle". And this, my dearest friends, is a pure truth. If you put an equal sign between these two seemingly diverse terms at once, everything becomes crystal clear.

Your body is a material projection, the mirror of your lifestyle. And it looks accordingly of what kind of way you live.

Losing the weight is very simple and clear process. You don’t need a talent, or study in special educational center or have some nature-given features in order to learn how to get thin. You only need to understand the slimming as physiological process. Example: to be thin you must eat less than you need. You must move normally and eat little, or move a lot and eat normally. You may almost not move at all, and eat very little and still you’ll stay thin. All my folks tell me something like that "it’s given by nature”, “quick metabolism”, " thin people eat little”. Sometime they consider by themselves that they eat quite a lot, and tell about this to the others, shrugging their shoulders, but if you observe them more attentively, it'll become clear that, for example, a huge portion on a plate is the only meal for a day, but this day is full of intellectual and physical work, and these people are never overtaken by pedestrians on the street, so quickly they move their legs.

To be thick you must eat more than you spend. You can eat normally and sit most of the day time. You can eat a lot and neglect sports. And also you can eat as much as you stomach can accommodate. Constantly. You can eat little, but food from which you are not be able to get weight. Also you can sin with misuse of the food – eat in addition to the usual dinner or eat after some sorrows, which our life is full of, eat for taste, not for the satiety, or even eat unconsciously: few moves of a hand - and you’ve got an empty packet of chips! Or scrape by scrape with your fork – and the plate is as bare as the palm of one’s hand!

I've walked this road by myself. Right now being in my perfect weight I also notice that that I work a lot, that I move fast, I eat several times per day (but the portions are not that big), I take some active sports every weekend and enjoy long walks. So even if I will give up everything, then with this kind of a lifestyle it'll take me months or even years to gain "bad" weight.

And, by the way, the bodies of working out person and not working out person are totally different things reagardless of the weight. You can't have muscles and not exercising. And without developed muscles it's almost impossible to have a good looking body (you may bless your genes if you are an exclusion from this rule). This is a very common thing among those girls who are naturally skinny, but their skin is loose and they don't look good at all.

You can be either thick or thin and still be perfectly good with yourself. The problems appear when your body (read your lifestyle) doesn't satisfy you, but you don't want to change anything at all. You want to drop some weight, but you don't want to start exercising or to start eating clean. You just want the end result without having to walk the road. But that's not happening!

Don't try to fit your ideal body in your current lifestyle because it will only lead you to depression and frustration. You have to understand that your body is a consequence of your lifestyle. So step back from scales and get away from easy solutions and secret advices (because they don't work). No matter how much you can change yourself in a short terms, if you don't change your lifestyle it will strike you back in a long term and get everything as it was before (or make even worse)!

Also it is totally unproductive to hate your body. Why won't you start hating your lifestyle instead? Because your lifestyle is the reason you look like the way you do, not the opposite. You can start working out, take some sport classes or buy a gym membership. And if buying of the season-ticket for gym or revision of your diet are quite subject processes, you should leave the lipolysis and fat accumulation to your body, it will handle it without you. All people are so focused on their body: almost every thinner person has got weighing scales, measure their volumes, they measure themselves in centimeters, fats percent and pants sizes. They measure themselves in calories. Life becomes a constant calculation race. Food - numbers. Body – numbers. But everybody dislikes math at school.

Excuses. It's all nothing but excuses. Then it comes to hatred. Envy. "You are so naturally thin, and I have to torture myself". "I’ve got a friend, who eats chocolate but still remain slim". "I’ve got slow metabolism. I’ve got slow metabolism, I’ll never become svelte". We are turning into animals. We not just eat, we devour champing over trough. Estimate each other, like horses, looking at hair shine, teeth whiteness and body elasticity. Hate and jealous, jealous and hate. It is just a body, your Earth-shelf. Pojection. Fifty-fifty, environment and genes. The foot length doesn’t depend on whether I run with them or not. But the thickness of your butt depend directly. The one who envy to my body, envy to my lifestyle. But at the same time hates me, not my or his (her) lifestyle. Because I supposedly "lucky".

I hate people say "you are lucky". Excuse me, why am I lucky? Am I lucky working out for 3 years ploughing 3-4 times per week? Am I lucky that I watch my diet and not overeating? My body is a result of numerous pull-ups, push-ups and squats combined with enough amount of proteins. Do the same thing and you will get the same results!"</quote>

Perhaps it would be better to tell you one more time how our “100 Days WorkOut” educational program is arranged. You already know that it is divided into 3 blocks: BASIC (from day 1 to day 49), ADVANCED (from day 50 to day 91) and TURBO (from day 92 to day 98).

Right now we are in the very beginning of the BASIC block. The first week of this block was fully dedicated to learning the right technique of basic exercises and organization of training process. The second week was dedicated to the question of proper nutrition. Because if you don't control your nutrition, not any type of workout will be able to get you into shape! Next week will be dedicated to exploring major issues faced by beginners (how to breath correctly, how to learn to pull-up from a scratch, how to handle blisters etc.). After that we will share with you a lot of overall fitness, training and motivation topics, which would be very helpful to you in the program and everyday life!

Once again we will return directly to TRAINING and NUTRITION issues in the ADVANCED block, when we discuss exercises in more detail with respect to their load on the specific muscles (we all want to be not only strong and healthy but also beautiful). In this block we will make some changes in the training scheme, add the spirit of street fitness, daily general nature info-posts will become more complex.

At last, there will be TURBO block for whose of participants, who would like to challenge themselves with ultimate everyday changing training routines!

That is our plans for upcoming weeks, so stay with us, it will be exciting! 😉

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The Rest
If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward. ― Martin Luther King Jr.
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Day 15 for me. Yesterday was Saturday and that was my day off. Did 5 pull-up per lap today (instead of usual 4).
Anyway, back to doing the laps today. Good luck everyone! Let's keep pushing!
I will do what you won't today,
So I can do what you can't tomorrow.