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Day 35. Motivation

Well, another week of our educational program "100 Days WorkOut» came to an end, and, as usual, the last day of the training week you should spend resting and/or stretching.

!!! This day COUNTS, regardless of whether you've been exercising, resting or stretching !!!

Okay, now let's get to the main topic of today's info post and today it will be one very important thing, one of those that prevents you from achieving your goals. I'm talking about motivation. Or better to say Motivation (capital M). You can watch as many training videos on the internet as you want, you can read all the latest training and nutrition articles in the magazines, you can spend all your money on high end equipment and gym memberships, but nothing will happen unless you tave the internal motivation to change yourself and your life!

The changes begin at that very moment when you actually start doing something using your knowledge, not just saying to yourself, "Well, I now know everything I need and will start training on Monday." How many Mondays have already passed by in your life? How many times have you promised yourself to do something, but didn`t do it, and have found quite weighty reasons and excuses? I know, because I also have been in such situations and not once, because it is much easier to say to yourself, "next time" than actually go out and do it right now!

Imagine, you come home from work at 10 PM, absolutely devastated (by work). You make yourself a meal, do some thing around the house and, BAM, it`s already 12 PM. You realize that all you want to do now is just to go to bed and get some rest. But if you do so, then you won`t have 6pack ABS or whatever your ideal physique is. Because, in the history of mankind, nobody yet has gotten ideal physique from lying in bed! It took me several months to realize it, to begin pushing myself, no matter in what condition I was, still get up and train. Yes, it was really hard in the beginning, but the more days passed, the more I came to like training. I didn`t pay attention to how tired I was, because, from the very first reps, I was getting energy and drive and I wanted to bring the training session to the end! This way I trained my abs, it took me just 15 minutes so I don`t know whether such an approach will work for a full hour workout. But what I do know is that if you don`t exercise, you won`t have any results!

Changes don`t happen on Monday, they don't happen on the first day of the month or even at the new year! Changes happen when you make them happen! Just take a step up and begin to move toward your goals!

Okay, let's say you were able to defeat your laziness and came to the street playground. I am particularly pleased with a huge number of people who start training after the New Year or before the beach season. You come to your usual training area and see dozens of random people doing random things without knowing why they do this. Hey, they are just like you, they have counquered their laziness and motivated themselves to get up and start training.

But you know what? After a couple of weeks, you won`t see most of them! Why? Because their motivation was enough only for these couple of weeks! They thought, "Oh, it's a New Year resolution, so I must get in shape", but after training for a couple of weeks without seeing significant changes they begin to think, "Nah, it`s useless, there is no results, I give up". Don`t be like them! If you were living not very active and healthy lifestyle for the past 5 or 10 years then why do you expect that a couple of training weeks will be able to fix all these years? WorkOut and calisthenics are not a magic pill that will solve all your problems at once, but it is a way by which they can be solved! And for that you have to train! I already wrote about this in the info-post about tracking the progress:

Quote to remember:>
Usually you will see first results and changes after 12 weeks of regular training. After 24 weeks your family will notice that you've changed. After 36 weeks your friends will start giving you praise. After 48 weeks you will be a totally different person! A healthier, stronger and sexier one!</quote>

You shouldn’t expect quick results, but if you train hard, then eventually they will come. I am 100% sure that after passing our "100 Days WorkOut" program you will be significantly different from what you were in the beginning! But even our program is only the beginning of your future path of self-development. Life-long path! 😉

In general, I've touched a very wide topic which can be talked about for hours, so I am shifting the conversation into practice. Here are some tips to help you stay motivated:

Find a partner

Day 35. Motivation

It`s much better to train with someone than alone. I'm talking not only that your partner can help you not only learn the elements or perform forced repetitions. I'm talking that he or she will be your moral support!

Let's say you didn`t have your best day, and by the end of this not-so-good-day you have no desire to train at all, even, on the contrary, there is a desire to take a can of beer, sit on the couch and watch TV. But, if you have a partner for training, then he or she will probably call you at this very moment and ask, "Dude, you are coming or not?" And if at this moment you will say "I don`t know, I had a bad day, I have no desire to train etc." then you will simply cut your friend short! You will cut short someone who is counting on you, someone who supports you in training and motivates you to move forward. It's pretty easy to give up when no one counts on you, because we can always come up with all sorts of excuses for ourselves. But how should people call you if you cut short your friends???

Moreover, if you want to succeed in life, you need to learn to keep your promises. That`s not good, if you agreed with someone about something, and then, at the last minute, change your mind. With such an approach you won`t be successful in training or in business or in life. Think about it.

Limit yourself

Day 35. Motivation

Set yourself goals for the next 3 months (or 100 days, for example). Now, every time when you will want to skip your workout, it won`t be the abstract pass, you will just throw away 1% of your ability to achieve this goal.

Want some more motivation? Tell your friends and family about your goal, so they will know what you want to achieve in 3 months. I already wrote above about the fact that you need to learn to keep your promises; otherwise your words will have no weight. So now every time you think about skipping a workout, you should also think about your look in the eyes of the people, when you come and tell them that you couldn`t achieve your goal, because you were too lazy!

Track your progress

Day 35. Motivation

Keep a training diary, record your training there, write down your results, weights and volumes, take photos every week/months (I personally do pictures once a month). Because, otherwise you won’t have an objective picture of your progress.

Fitness is not always about progress, there are also breakdowns and plateaus, and days when you don`t see any sense in training. In those days it would be very useful to look inside your training diary! Look what you've been at the beginning of your way, and see how much you have already achieved! Also, quite often you would be able to find the answer to your training plateue in your diary (if you write everything in detail)!

One more reamerk, but very useful one. Surround yourself with people who lift you up! There is a saying that you are the medium of five people with whom you communicate the most in your life. So think about who these people are? What do they want to achieve in life? Are they a source of motivation for you, or do you only have to waste your time on them? Maybe they are just the so-called friends who don`t understand your desire to train and make yourself better, so every Friday they call you to a bar? Maybe they take negatively any of your initiative and don`t believe in you? Do you really need them in your life? Don`t be afraid to say "goodbye" to them because at that very moment when you decided to change, and they decided to stay the same, your ways are separated. Now you are going separate ways and don`t try to drag them on your way (especially if they resist), because you can find new friends, new people who will share your views and values, those who will support you and understand the importance and value of what you do. And I'm not talking only about training, but also about life in general, about work and relationships. It's your life and only you can decide what it will be!

Again, a lot of words, but the theme is interesting. Therefore, I hope you were interested in my thoughts on this subject too.

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P.S. The guy was able to change himself within 70 days. Everything is real, if you make some efforts

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