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Day 39. Body fat percentage

It doesn`t matter where you start, the main thing is that you get started on your way! So just keep going!

One indicator of your fitness level is the amount of your body fat. The less fat there is, the best shape you have. Until one day... Many of you will be surprised to know that all those lean fitness models with six-pack abs, which you see on magazines` covers and in articles about different exercises really only have a good look, but in their hearts they feel awful. Why? Because they have to go through such a thing as a "drying". Have you heard about it? My friend Amir Davletov (who is a competing bodybuilder) gave the following description of this phenomenon:

So, “cutting” is a professional term of athletes who have a level not lower than an amateur. Most often used by bodybuilders, less by weightlifters, powerlifters, fighters, boxers before a competition. In its essence, it`s is the maximum distillation of water and fat from the body. In bodybuilding drying is needed to maximize body relief. And fighters, weightlifter and powerlifters use “drying” to get a lighter weight class and have superiority in the fight against rivals. Drying is a very serious event, accompanied by exhausting workouts, strict diet and plenty of sports supplements, vitamin complexes and dietary supplements, and sometimes anabolic steroids. This is major league sport.</quote>

In other words, this form is not suitable for life. A dehydrated body, exhausted from lack of carbohydrates, can`t function the way we are used to it. It`s necessary to understand it. The competition shape is called “competitive” because it`s intended for competition. "Drooping eyes, stooped posture, slow gait means that drying goes as it should" – by these words my coach described my first competitive drying. And it's true, the feeling before loading phase is very unpleasant. But the sport demands it. Sports is primarily for the sake of maximum performance, in order to protect the honor of the club, the city, the country, for the sake of the ego, for the money, the girls' hysterics, for the sake of pages of the topic. But for the sake of health it’s exercise and fitness. For health of you don`t need drying, you just need to get rid of excess weight. But it`s not always correct to call it like “losing weight”.

Now, looking at all these beautiful pictures from magazines or from the competition you have to understand that in fact people don`t look like this in real life, it is their peak (or close to the peak) form, which they can maintain for quite a short time. And it's hard.

I started Street Workout, when I understood that with the usual (but correct!) nutrition and strength exercises with my own weight I could obtain results that wouldn’t be worse than have fitness models on the covers of magazines had! I saw these results not on staged photos, not in competitions, but on video from the usual street workouts! It may be hard to believe but it's true! And I personally know a lot of guys who did it!

Want even more interesting reason to lose weight, besides the fact that you will look better and feel better? The more your body ratio between muscle and fat in favor of muscle, the easier it will be to maintain your form! It's very simple. When you exercise you have to strain your muscles and thereby burn calories. The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn during the workout! Because the muscles are working! They reduce, unbend and move your body! And what does the fat do? Fat doesn`t do anything!

Imagine a 70 kilograms person, who has 30% of fat and 70 kilograms person who has only 10% of fat. Now give them a simple task to run 400 meters. Our first imaginary person will move only 49 kilos of body (and burn the appropriate amount of calories), while the rest of 21 kilos will just hang like weighting (good alternative to a vest-weighting ?))), Our second imaginary person will move 63 kilo body, while only 7kilo will be idle. This is a very simple logic, the better your form it is the easier to keep it!

Remember! The most difficult part for you is get yourself in a good shape, then everything will be much easier;)

Well, so you would not have to spend a lot of money to conduct costly (and not always accurate) procedures to determine the level of fat, I propose to use the following photo-tables from the site builtlean.com be used. They may be not perfectly accurate, but a rough estimate of the current state of affairs fit perfectly!

For men:

Day 39. Body fat percentage

For women:

Day 39. Body fat percentage

And here are a couple of interesting photos for you:

Day 39. Body fat percentage

Day 39. Body fat percentage

What level are you now?)

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Day 45.
I will do what you won't today,
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