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Day 34. Why do people quit training?

Despite all the positive things that WorkOut brings into our lives, according to statistics most people still give it up. Out of 100% of the people enrolled in our program, only 20% will successfully pass the BASIC block, and only about a half of them will successfully pass the FULL program. And it has very little to do with the "100 Days WorkOut" program itself (because it is really good) and much more to do with people's nature. Today's info post will be dedicated to this topic, to the topic of people quitting training and the main reasons why that happening.

Why do people quit?:>

№1. Misunderstanding of the basic training principles
№2. Inconsistency between the desired and the actual
№3. Injuries and other health related problems
№4. Lack of time
№5. Psychological fatigue</quote>

Reason №1: Misunderstanding of the basic training principles

Many people begin to train, beause they saw a motivational video on the YouTube or read some article with beautiful photos in a magazine. They see what can be achieved through calisthenics and street workout, and immediately go to train with hope of getting results fast. But often they don`t get any result at all, because they haven’t spent the time to learn the key principles of training and nutrition, without which it is impossible to succeed. Street Workout is not a panacea, it is just one of the possible tools of building your body and strengthening your spirit, which is based on bodyweight exercises. But most of all, many do not even think about it, and so they become disappointed and soon stop their workouts.

Solution: If you are reading this, you already are on the right way to start your Street workout, because thanks to the tutorial "100 Street workout days" you will get all the necessary knowledge for the beginner such as a training and nutrition.

Reason №2: Discrepancy between Excpectations and Reality

To paraphrase a very well-known bodybuilder, I would say that "everyone wants to look good, but not everyone is ready to go through blood, sweat and tears for it"! And it`s true. If a person doesn`t give up at the beginning, according to the statistics, hehas a very good chance to give up after a few weeks or a few months. That's exactly the time period which beginners give themselves to get first results, and when they do not see any changes, then they either give up training at all (as in the first case), or start looking for the causes. In a second case, if they are zealous enough, they will gain the necessary knowledge and will understand that one can’t just be in a great shape, but one need to train hard and to comply with diet.

It is not difficult, but requires some internal motivation because you need to eat and exercise regularly, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. Then the result will come. And it can be also psychologically difficult. Not everyone is ready to start training when he/she realizes the scope of work to be done. A lot of people just immediately give up right from the start.

Solution: Don`t be afraid of the amount of work or the fact that the way to progress may take several months or even several years. In the end, it's your life, and you have just one life, so it's better to spend a few years and to be in great shape to the end of your life, than to grudge the time and then suffer from poor health, lack of strength, lack of attractive appearance, and so on.

I would like to draw your attention once again to the fixation of your progress and getting yourself a training diary. It just can't be that people actively practicing for 2-3 weeks with all their hearts and still not seeing any changes or results in state of health or appearance. Often you simply perceive acquired qualities and skills for granted and forget that just 2-3 weeks ago, you didn`t even have them (+ 1kg of weight, +3 reps, etc.)

Reason №3: Injuries and other health related problems

It`s a pretty common reason for quitting both among beginners and whose who've been training for a more than a year. Injuries can be very different, ranging from simple pain in the joints, to dislocations, sprains and torn ligaments. Firstly, not always people find the strength to overcome laziness and come back to training regime after more or less serious injuries and a period of recovery without training. And I want to warn you that sometimes it can be sufficiently long period of rehabilitation exercises. Secondly, some injuries may be chronic (especially if they are not cured on time), and over the time the training will bring only more problems instead of progress. In this case you have to stop training or find another kind of fitness or sports which will allow you to train without any problems.

Solution: Injury is an unpleasant thing, but not fatal, so if it`s temporary, just give yourself a rest from training to recover and then return. If they are of the kind that is already problematic to continue our training, then you should consider changing the kind of physical activity. The main thing is to move, because health is wealth, and movement is medicine!

Reason №4: Lack of time

It`s a very popular reason among yesterday's school graduates and students. Once they go to college, university or get a job, or a family, then they have no more free time for training. In fact, such major changes interfere with training only temporarily, because, after all, your life changes it's rhythm, but still has one. so you can find time to practice, if you will want it.

Solution: Life is constantly changing and no one knows what will be ahead. And that makes it even more interesting. You should always allocate time for introspection and evaluation of what is happening around you. Are you moving to your goals and dreams, or fall into a rut and don`t see a way out? Feel free to dispose dispose of all superfluous and unnecessary of your life, and I assure you that finding time for Street workout classes will be a snap!

Reason №5: Psychological fatigue

I have already written about the fact that the maintenance of good or excellent shape requires certain physical and psychological costs. And, in contrast to professional athletes, amateurs have no specific goals for what they do. That is, the main goal is obvious, to be healthy, beautiful, strong, and so on, but it is rather vague and doesn`t have a specific date or period of fulfillment. So let's speak not about setting an ultimate goal, but about focusing on the process of training itself. And by the moment, when the process does no longer bring pleasure, a lot of people have decided to abandon training.

Solution: Even the most interesting games eventually become boring if you constantly play them. Give yourself breaks, do something else, take a dancing class, do the cycling or martial arts instead of calisthenics and WorkOut. Just for a while. Open yourself to something new and you will be able to enrich your training and make it more interesting, so you won`t notice how you will want to come back to your training again!

Maybe there are some more reasons that I haven`t mentioned? Write in the comments, and let's discuss and find solutions.

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Day 38.

Still going.
I will do what you won't today,
So I can do what you can't tomorrow.