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Day 6. Cool down

Good day everyone! This is 6th day of our program and we are finishing the analysis of BASIC block training scheme. I want to remind you that we have already talked about <url="http://workout.su/forum_thread/5516">warm-up</url>, <url="http://workout.su/forum_thread/5541">pull-ups</url>, <url="http://workout.su/forum_thread/5551">squats</url> and <url="http://workout.su/forum_thread/5559">push-ups</url>, so today we will talk about the right way to end your training session!

You have not done YET!

A lot of people think that if they have finished doing all sets and reps in their routine then they can (with clear consience) go and lay on a couch. But in reality you have to cool down your body after intensive training to bring it from active state to a regular state.

Cool down is important, because it makes the transition process smooth and without additional stresses. And you know, that having an sudden transition from active state to calm state can cause headache, weakness and even fainting!

Why it is important to Cool Down?

* It relaxes worked muscles and normalizes the work of cardiovascular system.
* It decreases the possibility of muscle soreness.
* It decreases the adrenaline level and blood pressure.
* It prevents negative consequences from state changing.

How much time should you Cool Down?

The intensity of cool down is directly connected with intensity of the training session. Your main goal is to make a smooth transition from active training to cooling down and then to a calm state. So the intensity should decrease slowly during cool down. A good indicator for that is your heart rate.

It should also be noticed that there exist different ways to cool down. You can do some simple stretching (to release the flexed muscles) or to do the lighter versions of exercises you've done during training session and with less intensity.
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