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Some organizational moments before the start

It's only a week left before the start of our free online eductational program, so there is still time to join it! I remind you to leave comments to this post on Facebook in order to join. And today we are going to cover some frequently asked questions and give answers to them!

Would I need to buy anything for training during the program?

All what you will need for training is your own body and some kind of a bar to perform pullups on it. That's all!

Is there any medical contraindications for joining a program?

Only standard medical. We provide you information as it is, but ALL RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY ACTIONS lies only upon you. This is why we insist you to consult with your doctor before starting a program.

We would also like the participants of the program not only to follow our guidelines, but to learn to listen to their own bodies and its signals. One's body is the best source of feedback, this is why it is very important to understand it's signals. This also would help you to avoid injuries and to progress faster!

What should I do before the start?

1) Make a pictures of yourself: front, back, both sides. Better in swimming suit with natural lighting. Try to be relaxed, there is no need to flex any muscle on these photos.

2) Make a video of you performing the 3 basic exercises: pushups, pullups, squats. By the end of the program you will also notice how greatly has changed the way you do the motions.

3) Write down your weight and the sizes of neck, chest, biceps, waist, hips, thights (both), forearms and calves.

4) Figure out the goals you set for this program. It's better to make them in numbers.

Would I need to correct my eating habbits during the program?

Yes. If you want to achieve any significant results, then you can't rely only on stength training. As it is said: "one cannot overtrain a bad diet". We will provide you with all information during the second week of the program.

I know that the program will consist of exercises X, Y and Z. But can I change X for X1 in my training?

We would recommend you to start the <url="http://workout.su/100dw">"100 Days WorkOut"</url> program with the training scheme we will publish on the first week. Later on, if you find the training load too easy for you, you can change the exercise for more difficult ones. We will cover that topic in ADVANCED block of the program.

Would not you mind if I do reposts, so more people would know about the program?

We would be very thankful if you spread the word among your friends via social networks. One of our main goals is to reach as many people as we can and show them how to become healthier, stronger and sexier without any financial expenses!

What should I do if I cant do even a single pull-up?

There will be a very detailed post in BASIC block of the program covering this problem and showing precisely how to learn pull-ups from the scratch. Right now you can switch regular pull-ups to easier variations, like <url="http://workout.su/video/show_video/3634">australian pull-ups</url>

Can I combine your program with gym training or other sport activies?

Your training sessions during the program will take about 30 minutes a day. Yes, they will be intensive, but relatively short. And to maximaze their effect we would suggest you to spend the other 23 hours and 30 minutes more active than you usually did. You can take the stairs more often, or park your car farer from your work, you can do little exercise sessions every hour at work etc. All these small things will sum up and lead you to really good results!

Regarding the question of combining the program with other sport activies, we would say that's totally up to you. Try out and look how you feel about it. If you ask this question it's very probable that you dont know your true potential and physical level, and you can only find them out via trial and erros. So, just try not to overtrain and everything will be fine 😉

Where will the training takes place? And what time?

Everyday we will publish a post with all needed information, so you would be able to perform workouts when and where it is suitable to you.

What if I cant train everyday?

First of all you have to analyze the reasons why it is happening. Our experience says that everyone can find a little time per day to workout. It's only the question of desire.

What if I miss to train several times in a row?

Well, nothing creepy would not happen for sure if you miss 1 or 2 days. You may boldly continue the program with other participants.

If you miss more than 2 days of training, or in case of some rather serious reasons, I would recommend you to return to training at the day you've ended. Ultimately, you are interested in getting good results, not just in passing the program, right?

There will also be a detailed post regarding the process of returning to training after a break 😉

What if I get sick or injured?

Firstly, in case of ill or injury you should STOP doing <url="http://workout.su/100dw">"100 Days WorkOut"</url> until recovery. You must understand that ill/injury is a stress for your body, so there is no need to add additional stress from the strength training!

Secondly, dont get sad! Neither of us is insured from these kind of things, so we should take them calmly. WorkOut is not just 100 days of the program, it's a lifestyle, this is why, once you take it one, you would hardly give up your trainings. So you can calmly take your time to recover and then get back on a track 😉

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