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Our "100 Days WorkOut [Spring'2015]" program starts on the 1st day of March. In order to join it all you need is a STRONG desire to change yourself and your life in a better way! And here are 5 more reasons why you should join the program:

[1] The Program

5 reasons to join 100 Days WorkOut Programm

100 Days WorkOut programm has already helped hundreds of people all over the world to become healthier, stronger and more beautiful. This will be 7th run of our programm, and by this time we have cleaned out all bugs, tweaked the training and informational parts and accumulated a lot of knowledge in different areas to answer your questions 😉

The programm is based on the circuit training complexes with 3-4 exercises, which are perfomed one by one without rest in between. There is also an integrated mechanism to adapt the training load to ANY level of physical training!

Our main goal is to help you develop a habit of working out regularly in yourselves, and also to provide you with all needed basics of theoretical knowledge in training procedures and exercises, dieting, motivation and some other relevant areas.

100 Days WorkOut programm is divided into three parts, or blocks:

1) BASIC (from day 1 to day 49)
2) ADVANCED (from day 49 to day 91)
3) TURBO (from day 92 to day 98)

While the programm was designed for beginners in calisthenics and street workout, as well as for those, who want to get themselves into a good shape from the scratch, it will also be usefull and interesting for people who has already been training for several years. Especially the second and the third blocks of the program.

[2] The Idea

5 reasons to join 100 Days WorkOut Programm

The program includes bodyweight exercises ONLY. This means that we will use the weight of our own bodies and the power of gravity as a resistance. The great benefit of this approach is that it allows one to workout anywhere and anytime! There is no need to buy gym membership or any special equipment!

A lot of people underestimate the bodyweight strength exercises, but they are great to build a strong base for any other kind of physical activities or sports. They are excellent in order to learn how to control your own body!

Long time ago one wise man said: If you want to change the world, start with yourself!

[3] The Host

5 reasons to join 100 Days WorkOut Programm

Your host in this program will be Anton Kuchumov, one of the founders of Street/Ghetto Workout in Russia and the leader of WorkOut: Fitness from the streets (www.workout.su) project. It is important to notice that he is not and was not a professional athlete or fitness trainer. He is a regular person, who spends most of his day sitting in front of a computer (Project Manager in IT company) and who has not that much time to spend on working out.

He has himself experienced that WorkOut is a most affordable, interesting and effective way to make yourself stronger, healthier and more beautiful! And he is willing to share his experience and knowledge!

[4] The Feedback

5 reasons to join 100 Days WorkOut Programm

We will try to provide feedback for everyone, who joins the programm and try to answer all the questions we will receive, to make these 100 days as effective as they could be! But you should also understand that this is not our job and only a hobby for us, so we can only do that in our free time 😉

We want to make you change your lives in these 100 days, and we will do our best to help you do that!

[5] The Cost

5 reasons to join 100 Days WorkOut Programm

Our program is totally free for all the participants, because our main idea is to show as many people as possible the benefits of bodyweight exercises and WorkOut. It is true that you can build aesthetic, strong, functional and healty body with calisthenics ONLY!

We are really different from any other project with the words "street workout" or "calisthenics" in their names, because we REALLY will not try to sell you anything, or try to convince you to buy something, or to put hidden advertising in the program. Everything you will need to make yourself better will be published, you will only need to bring your knowledge to practice!

People often ask us why we do all this? The answer lies in the very core of the WorkOut philosophy - "each one teach one". Only because of this approach street workout and calisthenics has grown that big in the last several years. It's sad that people start to forget this idea, but right now we have something great to share with you and we will do that! The very understanding of making someone's life better is the greatest reward itself for us 😉

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