12.08.2015 21:27
The last day of week as always is dedicated to flexibility and stretching. If you think this is boring and unnecessary, believe us, only those who have not stretched and lost their flexibility can truly measure its importance.

When we were creating workout one the cornerstones was the idea that everyone is equal on the training spot. It does not matter how long you have been training, if you are worse or better, what you know and are able to, everything that is important that you have come to train. The only one you are competing again is you and you are getting better than a month or a year ago than you have chosen the right way. Those were the days, where we came for training and we trained, when workout was workout and not gymnastics mixed with breakdance, when there was an air of friendliness and mutual support.

But somewhere in the way this was lost since thousands of people started joining workout throughout the whole country. They saw it differently, they were bringing their own ideas and started changing workout. Unavoidably it leads to total change of ideas behind workout. To tell you the truth, I am sick of being asked “how long have you trained?”, “what elements do you do?”, “show me this or that”. When they find out that I mostly do basic exercises and do not care of gymnastics, they are surprised: “you’ve trained so long and you know nothing!” and most of the time these questions come from either total beginners or those who do not train at all. The higher your level the more you understand that you do it for yourself and not for street circus.

It happens mostly because the modern base of workout consists of teenagers, they are striving to impress right now on the spot and hardly care about working for the future. This did not exist when we first started it but now this is common place. I see guys who think that they are cooler than others because they know tricks that others do not and they are not willing to share their knowledge with these others. I think it is nonsense.

I will not be talking about that lifestyle of local “leaders” is not that healthy and they are hardly role models. I think it is the price for workout of being popular and this trend attracts all the kinds of people including those who prefer to play dirty.

Well, let’s leave current state of workout alone with the hope that it will mature some time in the future and get rid of all the dirt. Actually all street sports have the same common issues. The first is that they are popular among schoolers and that they discuss sports over the Internet. The Internet is not the ideal place in terms of mutual respect and decency of language since your opponent in most cases is too far from you and it provokes to lower your standards of communication. It is a psychological problem. It looks like everyone is bullying everyone and everyone is being bullied by bodybuilders. It is kind of useless to wage flame wars with people on the Interne just stop doing it and go to sleep.

The whole point of today’s post is: respect others and then they will respect you.

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