15.04.2015 09:08
Day 41. Proper form

Today we are going to talk about a really important topic which I want all of you to know. Let's start from the main point - there is no such thing as IDEAL FORM of perfoming an exercise. Some people count one form as ideal, other people count another, some even count CrossFit kipping pull-ups being not worse than regular pull-ups (this really bothers me, but that's another topic).

The idea is that any exercise can have dozens of different variations. You can put your hands wider or narrower, you can shift your body position, you can do in different range of motion etc. And if someone does the exercise the way he does and counts as a right way, well, he may have a point!

When we talk about correct form in our 100 Days WorkOut program, we talk about quality, in the first place, and we talk about two main things:

- form should be maximum safely
- form should be maximum effective

This are the things we consider when we talk about correct form in our program and when we comment your form!

I think there is no need to describe why we are so crazy about safe. Nobody likes to get injuries, even small ones, especially beginners, because they are so desperate to train. That is why we want you to learn how to train safe in the first place. And this can be achieved only if you follow all our guidelines and peform exercise in a correct and safety manner.

But safety is only one side of a medal. The other side which influences our choice of form is connected to the effectiveness of this or that form. The form which helps us faster get to our goals (and is safe) counts as more effective one. If doing push-ups in full range of motion is safe and more effective than to do them in limited range of motive, then we will advice you the first case. And this is the same to all exercises in our program. We will never put effectiveness above safety, because in long terms there is not so much sense in a one minute result, but much more sense in your own health and steady progress.

We emphasize this two points, but we do give you total freedom in all other questions. Sometimes we will even stimulate you to try new things so you will get better understanding how your body is working. Everyone of us is different from others, so there is no silver bullet or one ideal trainbing program or exercise, which will give the same results to anyone. Everything is individual and can be learned only by trials and errors. And not to make this trial and errors leading to injuries you have to always remember to do exercise in a safe and effective manner 😉

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P.S. For thos of you who are desperate about the numbers of repetitions. They will strat growing as soon as you get stronger. Just take your time 😉
16.04.2015 07:56
Day 47.
I will do what you won't today,
So I can do what you can't tomorrow.