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Day 37. Winter training

There is a significant difference either you train in Winter (cold weather) or in Summer (hot weather). This difference could be divided into several key points which you would better follow if you want to stay healthy and still make gains no matter what weather is outside. Today we have prepared two simple guidelines regarding training in different weather and temperature conditions. Check them out 😉

WINTER Training

Outdoor training during cold season can bring 5 additional benefits to your body:

1) This is an excellent opportunity for hardening your body. Start training in winter and notice how you get rid of annual flu.

2) You can keep progressing (or remain the same level) so you would not have to start all over again in the spring.

3) You will get an unforgettable experience of training, when the sun just rises over the horizon, exhalation coming out of your mouth, and new-fallen snow squeaks underfoot.

4) This is a good exercise for willpower and training of firmness and purposefulness.

5) The air in winter often more fresh and invigorating, so you will feel well and have a good mood.

Well, in the end, are you worse than that guy on the picture?

Day 37. Winter training

It is logical that the main problem of training in cold weather is the temperature regime as it carries several dangers that are worth paying attention to. But almost all of them you can avoid with the ride equipment, so here are the main rules during winter training:

Rule №1: Do not overheat!

Most common mistake among people starting training in winter is that they exaggerate the effect of cold and put on too many clothes, they dress almost the same as an ordinary passerby. As a result, it makes them kind of difficult to train, they quickly begin to sweat profusely and feel uncomfortable. For the winter training you need to equip such a way that you will (!) feel cold while standing on the spot, but if you train hard then you feel hot, the only question is how soon.

Rule number 2: Multi-layer clothing

Day 37. Winter training

Typically, winter athletes wear several layers of clothing, each serving its own function. The bottom layer is thermal underwear designed to remove perspiration from the body. And my unequivocal choice is a complete overall than separate jacket + pants. During training we do a lot of movements, which can open our back toward all winds (squats, corners, climbs with handspring and so on), and this should be remembered. The second layer is used for warming, best one is made of fleece. And the third, outer layer is designed to protect from wind, rain or snow. Depending on the current weather conditions you should vary in different ways to combine elements of your sports wardrobe.

Rule №3: No cotton

On the Internet you can find hundreds of websites that promote specific branded clothing designed for training during the cold season. Typically, it costs a lot of money and has fantastic descriptions of its effectiveness. The acquisition of such high-tech equipment is useful if you have enough money, but it`s not necessary for successful winter training. The main thing is to remember that you should give preference to synthetic fabrics that don`t absorb moisture and dry quickly.

Rule №4: Care your head

Day 37. Winter training

Special attention should be paid to the open parts of the body: hands, ears, nose. If the weather is already under zero degrees (C), especially with a strong wind, make sure that you take care of the head and legs. In the bitter cold, no matter how warmed you get from training, your ears and your nose are still have a risk of getting a frostbite. So don`t forget the hat, and in severe frosts you`d better to have a special mask, balaclava or buff, or at least, a warm scarf. And, of course, take care of your fingers. They (fingers) work hard during workouts, and it`s not the most pleasant thing in the world to hold on a metal bar when the weather is 20 degrees under zero. So if you don`t have gloves yet, it's the right time to buy them.

Rule №5: Remember to warm-up

Day 37. Winter training

As for the training, a warm-up begins to play much more important role. If in the summer warm-up is useful, in the winter it`s totally required. Warming up the muscles and sprains will prepare your body to work in the cold. I advise all car owners to imagine an analogy with the car. Starting it at a temperature of +30 and -30, as they say in Odessa, is two big differences. It would be better to warm-up before (!) going outside, so that you can get out of the cold and immediately start training. If your regular training place is quite far from home, it's time to include jogging in the training program 😉

Rule №6: Winter on the street

Your body spends more energy to maintain the body temperature when you train outdoors during winter, so keep this in mind when you plan training. Perhaps it would be useful to reduce the load. Also don`t stand without moving during the rest between exercises and set, walking and arms swings will allow you to keep warm.

I`d like to pay special attention on glaze ice. It is really a serious risk in the winter, because a bad fall on the ice can cause some serious injury. Therefore, jump down from bars carefully, watch your steps during the lunges and during the warm-up run.

You can inhale cold air exclusively through the nose, it helps to avoid colds and infectious diseases associated with prolonged inhalation of cold air.

Rule №7: End of training session

After a workout you are not allowed to stay sweaty without physical activity. Therefore, try to finish the workout and immediately enter into a warm room. If the home is far - congratulations, you can also add jogging as an exercise for the endind your training. When you come home, take a warm shower, rub dry with towel and drink hot tea. It will be a great end of the workout.


Although winter training is not an extreme thing, it still differs from your ordinary workout. Listen to your feelings, don`t set impossible goals, don`t hesitate to cancel training in heavy thunderstorms or if you feel sick. Be reasonable. Sometimes it is better to hold a light training session at home or even miss it than have pneumonia for a month.

Two more tips before we go futher:

№1: It will be more pleasant if before going to the gym you throw your clothes at the battery then go out
№2: If you run in the winter, then complete running in the direction of the wind, this way you won`t choke off the cold flow;)

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Day 42.

I will do what you won't today,
So I can do what you can't tomorrow.