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Day 32. Why are you not gaining muscle mass?

Yesterday we have enumerated reasons why you are not losing weight, so it would be logic to continue this topic today and tell you the reasons why your muscles do not grow!

If you carefully read posts of the first and second weeks (see <url="http://workout.su/100dw">Contents</url>), then you shouldn`t have this problem. But if you still do, then I recommend you to read the list below!

1. You dont get enough calories

This explains, probably 90% of situations, when someone complains that he or she can’t gain weight. Because weight gaining is all about creating a surplus of calorie intake everyday (you should get more energy than spend). Of course, depending on your metabolism, it will be easier or harder to gain muscle mass, but the general principle remains the same! If you want, you can count calories (a more accurate way), or you can just look at the scales and have additional meals (a less precise way). But your goal is to give the body enough "building" blocks, so that it can build your muscle mass!

2. You eat the wrong food

If you want to gain quality mass (not just to create fat stores), you should pay attention to the foods you eat. In the info post about the diet “Tag” we presented you a simple and convenient scheme to detect if a product is good or bad.

3. You dont drink enough water

If you remember that muscle consists of water for 70%, it is no wonder why the insufficient amount of its consumption prevents you from muscle gains! In this case, all you have to do is to carry a bottle of water and drink from it regularly!

4. Your workout is not effective

If you are just starting training then our program <url="http://workout.su/100dw">“100 Days WorkOut”</url> will be enough for you to get results. But if you're not new to working out, then other options (which are less universal and more tailored to your goals, your current level, your physique and your preferences) can be more effective for you.

Or maybe you're just going through the same exercises for a long time and your body has adapted? Without a hard training there won`t be any muscle growth, because the muscle growth itself is the body's response to increase of stress (on muscles). If you will load your muscles above the level you are adapted to, then your body will have to adapt more! Otherwise, don`t complain about the lack of progress.

We already have the info post about tracking the progress. A good indicator of the load increase is the increase in the number of repetitions you perform per workout, but if you start training with additional weight, then you can focus on increasing the weight you lift. You can also increase the intensity by including in the training more complicated exercises, or by reducing rest time, or by doing supersets. In general, there is a great number of options!

Personally I change the exercises in my workout routines every month. It also makes it easier in a psychological way, because my mental attitude to training doesn`t turn into a routine.

5. Your technique is bad

If you want to grow muscles, you need to stimulate muscle growth. If you want to stimulate muscle growth, you need to load them. But it is necessary to load the muscles and feel their work, not just do the exercises for some muscle groups! All repetitions in all exercises should be performed under control (the negative phase twice long than a positive), and with no use of force moment and inertia! It is more than possible that the lack of progress happens due to your technique and the fact that the target muscles are not getting the proper load!

6. Your workout doesn`t meet your goals

It is a quite common mistake among beginners to choose the wrong exercises for their workouts.

For any group of muscles which you want to get growing you need to find exercises which provides you with maximum results. The only way to do this is trial and error, because no internet or magazine article or evern trainers advice know yourself better then you do. You should really learn to "feel" the work of muscles and understand when they are incorporated into the work, and when they are not. Watch videos, read books on physiology and biomechanics, try out, analyze and find the best exercises for yourself!

In fact, this issue applies not only to specific exercises. There are examples when people want to grow mass, but train 2 times a day in an insane amount of reps, and get the opposite result. Or conversely, someone wants to become shredded but does everything (from weight training to huge caloric surplus) opposite and becomes bulky. You should always look at what results you obtain with a particular approach to training and nutrition, and proceed from it.

<b>7. You don`t train your leg muscles</b>

Unfortunately, it is so widely held among those who practice Street Workout, that many people even think that SW guys don`t train legs at all. In fact, we do exercise and a lot, and often in the same way as the sprinters.

There is, at least, a couple of important reasons for regular leg work. Firstly, aesthetic - do you want to look like a colossus with feet of clay? Secondly, growth hormone - such exercises like squats are train the whole body and helps release growth hormone! So if you want to be big and strong, don`t forget to train legs.

8. You train too much / You dont rest enough

After a good workout you need a good rest! This is a simple rule, but, unfortunately, very often overlooked. When you exercise, you won`t grow muscle, on the contrary, you destroy them, creating micro tears that then overgrown and make muscles stronger (recovery and hypertrophy of muscle fibers).

On the one hand, we are talking that you shouldn`t train the muscles too often (after all, if they don`t have time to recover, you will very soon reach a state of overtraining), and on the other, we are talking about the importance of healthy sleep for a full recovery.

9. You don`t eat after a workout

After a workout our muscles are ready to boot up a good portion of the nutrients that they had just spent. So if you miss this time to feed them, then they will have to find other sources of energy (by destroying other muscles, for example). So never forget to eat after a workout, and preference should be given to those products and dishes that are digested faster. A piece of meat you eat won`t help your muscles because it will digest in the stomach a couple of hours, but a portion of cereal would help it 😉

10. You don`t have enough motivation

A final reason on our list is the lack of motivation to achieve the results you want. Can you say that you really give 100% in your training and do you best during the rest of the day? There are some simple ways to keep track of your progress and determine whether you are moving forward:

* Keep a training diary
* Every month set a small goal
* Make regular photos "Before" and "After"
* Place somewhere a photo of your ideal physique

These simple tips will really help to make your training process more efficient.

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