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Day 31. Why are you not losing weight?

You have been training according to the <url="http://workout.su/100dw">"100 Days WorkOut"</url> program for 30 days already, but for some reason the results are not as good as you expected (although I'm sure that at first signs of progress have already appeared). Why does this happens and what can be done to speed up the process? All answers are in today's post!

1. You have started to train not so long ago

If you led a not very active lifestyle for many years and ate everything you saw, and then at one point decided to change yourself completely, then it is good. But your body will need some time to begin rebuilding. And the longer the time you have lived "wrong", the longer this process will take. Imagine the analogy with the flywheel. A lot of effort is required in order to make it rotate, but it takes much more to make it rotate in the opposite direction!

But maintaining the rotation is relatively easy after that 😉

2. You are impatient

If you set a global goal, so the terms need to be appropriate! In glossy magazines and the Internet promises to lose 10 kilos of weight in a week… But to tell you the hard truth - it is impossible! But what is possible (and healthy!), is to lose 250-500 grams of weight. It seems that this is not enough? But 500 grams per week gives 10 kilos of weight loss in just 5 months! The main thing is to move forward and you will reach the goal eventually!

3. You don't eat enough

If you read carefully the info-posts of the 2nd week, you already know that a significant lack of calories is harmful for the purpose of weight loss, as well as a caloric surplus. Why? First of all, if you consume too few calories, your body slows down metabolism and starts to hoard as much fat as possible so that it has resources to take energy. Secondly, you need to supply the body with the entire set of nutrients! Not to mention the fact that malnutrition upset the balance of hormones, weakens the immune system and can cause a variety of diseases. And the fewer calories you consume in comparison with your level of comfort, the more chances there are to break away from such a diet. Therefore, the proverb "quieter steady wins the race" is much to the point.

4. You think only about numbers

I have repeatedly said, that the weight is just a number on the scale and nothing more (120 kg may look completely different). Therefore, a more accurate indicator will be photos from different angles and measurement of percentage of body fat (scales is not the best tool for this).

5. You dont move enough during a day

A sedentary lifestyle is probably one of the highest prices we have to pay for the fruits of civilization. We sit while having breakfast, we sit in the car or subway on the way to work / school, we sit at work all day, then go home and we sit in front of a computer. All day all we do is sitting. And this really affects our bodies, because they simply can`t understand why do you need to lose weight, if everything is fine? Begin to move more during the day. For example, you can put the car a little further away from the office and take a walk, take the stairs instead of the elevator, take breaks in each hour for brief walks. All together it will have a positive impact on your health!

6. You don't sleep enought

How many hours do you sleep per day? If less than 7-9, then the process of losing weight may be delayed, because sleep affects many processes in the body, ranging from appetite to glucose metabolism. So try to sleep more. Ideally you should sleep until you wake up because you slept!

7. You are too nervous

Stress is very difficult phenomenon (in terms of physiology also), which we can`t consider in detail in this article. But it should be noted, that the level of stress directly affects the level of hormones and motivation, and losing weight! So, minimize getting nervous, especially over nothing! As was mentioned in one good book, "DO NOT PANIC".

8. You are inconstant

Last week, we wrote that a regular training leads to success, while fickle and chaotic training simply doesn`t work.

9. You are stuck at some point

Most often, losing weight is not a smooth process, if you stick to the plan of calories in detail. So if you notice that you stuck and did not move on for a few weeks, this is the first signal to change something. Try to make changes in diet, exercise, or anything else. Imagine that you are standing in front of a closed door with a pile of keys in your pocket and you just need to choose the right key to continue your way.

10. You don`t need to lose weight anymore

It's a pretty interesting point, because you never thought that maybe you just simply don`t need to continue losing weight. It is possible, that you already have the best outcome for yourself and now the challenge is to change the ratio of fat and muscle?

11. Your workouts are not intense enough

If you want to change yourself, you have to do your best. I often see people who train "slipshod", they take 5 minutes breaks between sets, and have enought time to chat with friends. It is not surprising, that there is not even a bead of sweat on their forehead during for the whole workout. Are you the same? Then forget about the results! After all, to reach them, you need to work hard!

12. You have problems with health

There is a very small chance (but still) that your health condition does not allow you to lose weight (for example you have a low level of thyroid hormones). This is possible, but it is worth to remembering that the state of your health is a consequence of your lifestyle (not a cause). But still, ask your doctor to dispel doubts.

13. You have not still changed anything in your lifestyle

Don`t think that now you will try, will do your best, will lose weight and this will be the end. No! That's just a beginning! Your weight, your appearance, your health, all this is not just the result of diet and exercise, it is the result of having a certain way of life! Remember where we started? Your body needs some time to start to rebuilding from the "lazy" state to "active". The same happens when you already lead an active lifestyle! But, to be honest, to be healthy, strong and beautiful is more pleasant 😉

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Day 35.

I will do what you won't today,
So I can do what you can't tomorrow.
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Day 36.
I will do what you won't today,
So I can do what you can't tomorrow.