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Day 23. Rest

No matter how much time can you find per day to train, but you always must find enough time to rest! Because good rest is a key to success 😉


Day 23. Rest

I don't think that it is necessary to once again remind you the importance of rest itself, so I will say a few words regarding resting after working out. May be for some people this would be big news, but in reality when you do train you do hurt your body, you destroy it instead of making it better. A good training sessions creates a stressful situation for your body, so it will have to mobilize it forces and find a way to overcome it.

Talking about muscles in particular, when you give them a bigger load than they have adapted, you create a demand for them to grow. Though they only grow AFTER training when you give them time to grow. But if you wont give yourself enough rest then each next training session will make you weaker, than you were even before!

Rest during rest days can be divided into two main categories: active rest and passive rest.

Active rest. If you are quite active during your everyday life, then I'm more than confident that you already have enough active rest between your training days. If you go to play football with your friends, or go hiking or somekind like that - it's all can be described as active rest. The main difference between active rest and strength training is that you dont load your muscles to their limits. You are active, you are moving, but your body has adopted to such level of training load so it's not perceived as stress.

Passive rest. Everything that can't be related to active rest falls into this category. Watching a movie in cinema, reading a book, going for a walk with a friend and so on. It may be rather difficult for people who only begin working out to stay in a given regime, beause they are constantly thinking about training and getting results as soon as possible, not giving enough time to rest. By the way you can spend your rest time on very useful activities which are not related to sport at all 😉

Answering the questions which type of rest should be more preferable, I can say that it's all very individual and depends on a bunch of factors which makes your life. You can find a lot of information on the net about the precise time your muscles have to rest between trainings, about the precise time you have to train, how many sets and reps you have to do and that you can't train everyday and so on. But I always give out one advice - listen to your body! During our "100 Days WorkOut" program one of our main goals is to teach you to listen to your body and understand what it is trying to tell you. Because no one in this world would know you better than yourself! And all this information on the internet, at its best, is average

Also I would like to remind you that our "100 Days WorkOut" program is designed the way that you would sucessfully recover in 24 hours between training sessions. This is achieved because we don't do reps till failure. There would be a lot of info-posts during ADVANCED block about different training principles and techniques, which require more time to rest, but any way, it's all individual 😉

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Day 23.
I will do what you won't today,
So I can do what you can't tomorrow.
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I will do what you won't today,
So I can do what you can't tomorrow.