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Day 89. WorkOut Routines

In the last several days we gave you all the information you need to be able to create a workout program by yourself. We told you about the key rules of proper workout planning, shared many kinds of training principles and even covered the topic of load periodization. But I know from my very own experience how difficult it can be to start doing all the things by yourself, especially when you are not that experienced and there are not so many ideas in your head. That is why today’s info-post is meant to help you with this problem!

Never take for granted any training programs from other people, which you’ll be finding in magazines, internet or even on our website. I have already mentioned this in <url="">‘Understanding vs Repetition’</url> info-post. Still, other’s programs can be an excellent source of new ideas, training principles and exercises that you may use in your own practice.</quote>

We have gathered a lot of training programs on our website, so here is just a few links. But I think they will be more than enough for a start:

- <url="http://workout.su/articles/532">19 routines from BarConnetion</url>
- <url="http://workout.su/articles/336">42 routines from MadBarz</url>
- <url="http://workout.su/articles/259">32 more routines from MadBarz</url>

And finally, for the dessert, I’m pleased to present a website of one good girl, who likes to draw training systems (and who do that very well) – http://neilarey.com/workouts.html.

<url="http://workout.su/100DW">100 Days WorkOut – Contents</url>
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