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Я смотрю многим на форуме интересно проверять свои силы в различных заданиях, как на счет того, чтобы пройти этот тест:

кто не сворачивает тот дойдет (c) DoXoD
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на английском это называется cadence push ups (ну или pull ups).

а так да, видео сверхсодержательное. подкину чуть на вентилятор

SBS это Special Boat Service - какой-то аналог Navy Seals в США, но по их словам круче 😉

Individual Circuit Test

This Circuit workout is used by a Marine to monitor his own individual fitness level. The SBS and the Royal Marines have their own examples of Circuits for monitoring fitness level. One example is the SBS General Physical Conditioning Test outlined below:

3 mile run in under 20 minutes 100 point with +3 extra points for each 15 seconds under the 20 minutes and -3 for each 15 seconds over the 20 minutes

Maximum full Pull Ups 5 points each rep completed with good form

Full Sit ups 1 point per rep in 2 minutes time limit

Box jump with 3 different size boxes 60 cm, 45 cm and 30 cm. To complete one rep jump over each from a 2 footed start in smallest to largest order then sprint back to the start.
Each box should place 1.5 meters apart in a vertical line. Maximum number of complete reps 10 points each rep. Maximum in 1 minute time.

1 minute maximum Press ups 1 point per rep

1 minute maximum back extensions 1 point per rep

Burpees 1 minute maximum 2 points per rep

Incline sit up 1 minute maximum test 1 point per rep

20 ft rope climb 1 minute maximum 10 points per climb with no rest between climbs (If you don’t have access to this use a military press at 1 point per rep)

1 minute maximum lateral jump test 1 point per rep

An average ”starting score” from which to build on as a supposedly fit individual is between 350 and 500 points. A pass on the test is 650 points. The Royal Marines themselves expect recruits to maintain a score between 675-750 points. However the SBS themselves don’t settle for “pass rates” once in the regiment you are expected to maintain a score up to and in many cases above 750-800 points. You’re going to have to really push it if you want to hit the over 800 points and over mark and be as well conditioned as some of the best “Tier 1″ soldiers in the world.
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