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Day 47. Cardio: busting myths!

Cardio. Not many love it, but everyone have heard that that you need cardio to get in shape. If you run for a while on a treadmill or spin wheels on a bike a lot then you will surely lose those kilograms and get slimmer. That is what people keep writing about cardio ij the internet and in those posh magazines, probably the main source of information for most people. Today you will learn that the truth is not like that and the information above is one of the typical myths about cardio!

There are quite a lot of myths about aerobic training in general, but today we will cover the 7 most popular!

Myth #1: Aerobic training is all you need to lose weight

To lose weight you need to create deficit of energy, that is you have to spend more than you consume. If you do not have a diet and you chaotically consume food from the fridge, you will not lose any weight no matter how long and intensive you training is.

Myth #2: Low intensity aerobic training helps lose more fat than high intensity training

Low intensity training involves less muscle than high intensity and it primarily recruits only slow muscle fibres, not fast ones (those fast ones create pretty bulging profiles).

Although low intensity training indeed uses fat as a primary source of energy, the body also tries to conserve more fat for future use thus creating a vicious circle.

Myth #3: Cardio is a waste of time

If you think that aerobic training is useless, then you are wrong again. It is important because it trains your cardiovascular system, respiratory system and muscular endurance! And they are not that useless at all, right?

Myth #4: The more cardio the better for losing weight

Cardio is getting less and less effective because the body adapts to it and works more efficiently, thus spending less calories than it did before. If your primary goal is endurance than it is Ok to train more. If you want to get fit and lose weight then there are more efficient ways.

Myth #5: Aerobic training takes too much time

Since many people think that the more cardio the better, people also think that aerobic training might take too much time. Actually it is just not like this. On avergage cardio takes practically the same amount of time as strength training.

Myth #6: The best aerobic training is running

Running is one of the most popular kind of aerobic training and it makes people think that it is the most efficient. It is not. The best way for you is the way you really like and the way which is safe for your health. Indeed, not everyone can or should run and it might be even dangerous for really overweight people. It is better to choose from aerobic activities the best one you can do and want to do regularly.

Myth #7: Cardio is bad for joints

We have already mentioned it before that there are many ways to do cardio. Some of them are easier for joints than running. For example cycling, rowing, walking upstairs (or using step or elliptical machines), skating and roller blading all produce very little impact on joints.

Probably this myth origins from the muth #5 that you have to spend a lot of time doing cardio to get results, but we have proved that this is wrong!

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