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Day 1. BASIC block routine

So this is the moment everyone was waiting for! And today we are glad to announce the official start of our free online educational programm "100 Days WorkOut [Spring'2015]"!!!

Salute to everyone who joined us! This is the first time we run the programm in english. This all means that our community is really global and international!!!

Remember, you all gave yourself a promise to make it to the very end of the programm, so get ready that the following 100 days you will dedicate your time and efforts to make your life better! And we will do our best to help you!

Let's go and today we will discuss your training routine for BASIC block which you will do on a daily basis.

Warm Up & Cool Down

We STRONGLY recommend you start every one of your workout routine with a warm up. Tomorrow we will post all information answering why you need to do it and how to do it correctly. Also you need to finish your routine with a cool down. And we also will publish a post about that.

Your workout routine in BASIC block will be the following:

1. Pull-ups
2. Squats
3. Push-ups
4. Squats

This will be your training routine for the following 4 weeks, untill the 29th day of the programm when we will release new exercise!


1. You must do all 4 exercises one by one, without any rest between exercises. This will be one circle.

2. You should choose the amount of reps in every exercise according to your physical conditions.

We recommend to start this workout with next reps’ scheme: 5 pull-ups, 10 squats, 10 push-ups, 10 squats (5-10-10-10). You can change the amount of reps in every exercise individually attempting to receive effective load on every group of muscles. If doing 5-10-10-10 or regular exercises is too difficult, you can do easier versions of them.

The MAIN thing is that you don’t need to exhaust in every circle, pushing to your limits. Always spare some. That’s the main thing in our program. Furthermore, you must be able (have some fatigue left) to do few more reps in the first circle and in the last circle as well.

It is okay to have some fatigue left after all circles, but if you find this happening several days in a row (i.e. the routine and starting number of reps is too easy for you), you may increase the amount of reps in exercises.

3. If you can’t do some exercise due to your physical conditions, you can change it with some easier version. For example you can do <url="http://workout.su/video/show_video/3634">australian pull-ups</url> instead of pull-ups, or do some <url="http://workout.su/video/show_video/5376">incline push-ups</url> instead of push-ups. Later we will speak how to learn pull-ups from the very beginning, if you cant do even one yet.

Moreover, you need to choose such version of every exercise, which will allow you to do recommended amount of reps (scheme “5-10-10-10”, remember?). As your strength will grow you can increase reps or choose more difficult exercises such as decline push ups or <url="http://workout.su/video/show_video/3639">plyometric pull-ups</url>.

4. Men should start with 4 circles of exercises, women – with 2.

5. You should rest ONLY after finishing whole set of 4 exercises (pull-ups, squats, push-ups, squats). Rest NO LESS then 30 seconds and NO MORE then 60 seconds and start next set. You must catch your breath and be ready to do next set, if you don’t – decrease reps or choose easier version of exercises.

How do you know that you are ready to do next set? Your heart rate and breath should be calming down. We wont call exact numbers, because you need to learn your body. You must feel that’s everything is OK and next set won't kill you (joking 😉) or cause some injury. If you feel that next set will bring your heart rate to the limits or some dizziness and heavy apnoea take place, rest some more.

6. Our workout routine may seem to be too easy for you, but believe us - it is perfect for the beginners and will bring you great results if you train regularly. And, ofcourse, periodically we will raise intensity and make it more interesting.

7. The main idea of our circle training routine is in progressive increase of training volume. Because we avoid training to failure we can make great training volumes which means that your muscles take bigger stress and show you bigger adaptation with strength end endurance.

8. * Think it over *. If you use training to failure program than you will do 90-100% of reps in first set. In the second one because of fatigue and muscle sourness you’ll do up to 30-50% of your maximum reps, in the 3rd set it will be fewer. The reasons for that will be discussed in ADVANCED block.

So, for example, you did 10 pushups (your maximum in this exercise) in 1st set. In 2nd set you will do about 6 reps, and 3rd set brings you 4 reps. Summary with these 3 sets you did 10+6+4=20 reps. But if followed our advice and did only 70-80% of your max than after 3 sets you will have 8+8+8=24 reps. And there is a question: in which case your muscles received bigger load?

9. Our "100 Days WorkOut" programm is designed in a way to allow you to train everyday and to allow your body to have enough time to recover between training sessions. But you need to follow next rules PRECISLY if you want to have significant effects and avoid overtraining or trauma.

[1] Technique in every exercise in every rep and circle must be CLEAN and PERFECT. If you cant do reps perfectly because of fatigue – don’t do them!

[2] Amount of reps in exercises in every circle must be EQUAL. If you did 5 pull-ups in 1st circle, than you must do 5 perfect pull-ups in the last circle. NO EXCUSES. Otherwise DECREASE reps in all circles or choose easier version of exercise.

[3] You should rest between sets 30-60sec, neither more nor less. If it's not enough to recover, than DECREASE your reps or choose easier exercise. Too easy for you? INCREASE amount of reps or make some ADVANCE version of exercise.

You will have 6 training days during a week and 1 day of resting/stretching. By default it would be the last day of the training week, but you can use any other day, it's up to you.

10. One of the fundamentals of our program is providing of instinctive training. Learn to understand your own body and signals it gives you. There’s no coach or medic who will know about you better than yourself. The faster you learn it, the bigger results you will receive. So don’t get stuck on certain numbers and counts.

Some more tips

1. Once in 3 weeks we will increase amount of circles for a 1. We will notify you in certain posts, so you won’t miss it.

2. In the following 6 days we will give you detailed information about exercises in the programm. We’ll speak about technique and different variations.

3. While doing workout routine you may miscount about your circle, so we advice you to pick some small objects like stones or pens and add them after every circle. This way you won’t need to worry about count of circles and you can concentrate on your exercises.

4. Our training program allows you to improve strength and endurance. Besides it’s great for fat burning. But if you want to receive significant results in this way, you must correct you nutrition. We will speak about it in a 2nd week of our program.

5. There would be no specific ABS exercises in BASIC block, because your core muscles will receive their portion of training load if you keep perfect technique in basic exercises. There is no need to make some additional exercises for beginners at this point.

6. We already mentioned that you should visit your medic before starting your program and ask him about strength conditioning. Also you need to test your maximums in every exercise (pull-ups, push-ups, squats).

7. Tell your friends about our “100 Days WorkOut” program! It's far more interesting to train with your friends than to train alone. Also you can encourage each other for regular training. Some day you will be too lazy or fatigued to get yourself training, but your friend can give you some magic kick under your butt.

8. Don’t forget to keep start tracking your way in a journal and mark your progress. We’ve noticed that your chance to finish this training program increase significantly if you follow this simple tip. You can also post your everyday routines in comments to daily posts 😉
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I decided to write here about my successes to strengthen my knowledge of English. I hope no one not against. Сorrect me if I'm wrong somewhere.

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