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Day 20. How to get back on a track

Last two days we have dedicated to <url="">injuries</url> and <url="">sickness</url>, so today I am going to talk about the right way to get back on a track after a break.

The most important thing to remember when geting back on a track after a break is that you come back weaker (!) when you were before the break. This is obvious, but a lot of people forget about this and don't take this into account.

While you would like to get to your past results as soon as possible, it is not the best strategy to go. You should rather get humble with your current results and take it as a starting point. Don't get locked in the past instead of moving forward? By the way, did you know that injuries people get while they return to training are one of the most widespread type of injuries? And I'm more than sure that none of you want to get another break because of new injurie when you have just get back on track from previous one just because of your own impatience.

When you get back from a break there is one main rule you should follow - the lesser - the better! It is better to give slightly less training load and slightly more time to recover, but be injurie and overtrain proof. As for me, I usually start from 25% of training load I had before the break, and, depending on my health, I increase it during the following weeks. At first to 50%, then to 75% and then to 100%, so I get to the same point where I was. How much time it will take? Well, it depends on the length of the break and it's reasons.

One case is when you had a really though week and it was really hard to find a time for training, while you were absolutely healthy and so one. Another case is when you get cold and was laying in a bad for several days with high temperature. Third case is if you get muscle strain or any other injurie. Here also can't be any universal recommendations, but if something hurts for more than a week, you should get your self to a doctor to discover the reasons. If you want to keep training after being injuried, you should better talk to sport doctors, because they are specialized in getting people back in training as fast as possible.

In any case, when you get back to train after a break, you should shift the focus from the training itself to warm-up and cool down. When you train regularly, your body remains in an "active" state, but then you give it a break your body loses that state and it takes time to bring it back. Don't forget about it.

Talking about our very program 100 Days WorkOut, I would recomend you to get back with the starting amount of circles (2-4) and lesser amount of reps. This is general recomendation, so I will tell you the logic that lies behind it, so you could make decisions on your own.

Our training program proposes such training load volumes so you would be able to recover during the 24 hours between training sessions. This is it's advantages because it allows you to train everyday and quite fast get back to the point where you made a break. On the other hand our program is based around 4 basic movements, which are combined in a circuit training styl, giving you maximum results perfomed exactly that way. So when you get back to training after a break I would recomend you to perform all needed number of circles with all exercises in each circle but with smaller amount of repetitions. You will do all exercise (so your whole body will be working), but you will have more time to rest between circles and you will be able to do more overall volume than if you tried to do your max but in smaller number of circles. May be I'm a little bit conservative about this questing, but so I am.

Regarding exact number of repetitions - I won't give any advices. One of the goals of our program is to teach you how to understan your own body and interact with it, and this can be done only by trial and errors.

I hope that I managed to answer the question and I want to wish well to everyone participating in our program, because we have a long way to go 😉

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