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Goals of the

Goal #1. Build a habit to workout on a regular basis

In our opinion this is the most important goal of the programm. You may believe this or not, but it is easier to train everyday then from time to time. And the most difficult part for people is to make a first step and start working out. After that it takes not that much time to get in a flow and to perceive training as a part of your day.

"100 Days WorkOut", in the first place, was designed for beginners, this is why we developed a programm of everyday training sessions, based on strength bodyweight exercises, which can be performed anywhere and anytime. The adaptation system integrated in programm allows you to manually adjust the training load so your body will be able to recover in 24 hours. We just take away all your possible excuses, which you often use to miss a training 😉 By the way this approach makes you totally independent from gym membership, bad weather and any other outer conditions.

But this 100 days - is just the beginning. I'm sure that ones, who will sucessfully finish the program would not stop and would continue futher. Some of them will continue doing WorkOut and calisthenics, some will go into bodybuilding, some will take martial arts classes, some will finally start the sport they wanted for so long, but they had not enought training level and strength of spiriti to do.

Goal #2. Improve physical conditioning

Our next goal is to improve the overall physical conditioning and increase the results in 3 basic exercises: push-ups, pull-ups and squats. This goal is more specific and measurable.

Good results for men in bodyweight exercises:

- pull-ups - 20-25 reps
- push-ups - 80-100 reps
- squats - 150-200 reps

You may ask, why not 200 push-ups and 500 squats? Well, ofcause you can set such a goals, but what for? After achieving the above results you can start to diversify your training routines (and your skills) by addind new exercises:

- pull-ups -> muscle-ups
- push-ups -> dips
- squats -> plyo squats

You will be only limited to your own fantasy, while our <url="http://www.youtube.com/user/WorkOutSU/playlists?shelf_id=4&sort=dd&view=50">exercise video database playlist</url> is always at your service 😉

Good results for women in bodyweight exercises:

- pull-ups - 10-15 reps
- push-ups - 30-40 reps
- squats - 100-150 reps

This goal also includes improving the flexibility and learning good stretching techniques. Stretching is a MUST for people who do a lot of strength training.

Goal #3. Build a knowledge base

"100 Days WorkOut" is an education programm, and not a training programm! This is very important. Ofcause you will have everyday training sessions, but we will also provide you with a lot of basic theory in different areas if knowledge, divided and structured for better understanding into everyday info-posts. Unlike any other site we WOULD NOT give you ready answers and prescriptions, but we will give you information and explain the what, why and how. We want to give you the understaing of what you are doing and why you are doing it. It concerns all exercises, dieting, psychology, motivation and WorkOut philosophy.

Goal #4. Change your appearance

While becoming healthier and stronger is a good goal, but we should not forget that a lot of people start working out to change theri body composition and improve their appearance e.g. become sexier. We understand this desire of yours and we will provide you with all necessary information for that!

I want to warn you right away that no matter how hard you train, you can't change your body only with exerciseing. So pay maximum attention to the information give in the second weel, because it will be dedicated to the clean eating and analysis of food.

Goal #5. Find new friends

We can ensure you that a lot of people from different countries and cities join our programm, so we provide you unique possibility to communicate with like-minded persons from all over the world and together get through the programm! Knowing that someone else at the same time is doing the same programm you are doing is a great stimulus for productive trainging!

By the way, it is quite possible that you are not the only person from your town to join the "100 Days WorkOut" programmm. This means that there is possibility for offline meetings and training sessions! Should I say that team training is much more interesting and fun, than training alone?


We have 4 main and 1 additional goals which we are going to complete during the programm:

* Build a habit to workout on a regular basis
* Improve physical conditioning
* Build a knowledge base
* Change your appearance

* Find new friends

<url="http://workout.su/100DW">100 Days WorkOut - Contents</url>
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Good results for men in bodyweight exercises:

- pull-ups - 20-25
- push-ups - 80-100 раз
- squats - 150-200 раз</quote>
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кто не сворачивает тот дойдет (c) DoXoD