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Day 2. Warm-up

I know that nobody wants to do a warm-up, thinking it's just a waste of time and trying to get right to the main part. Believe me or not, but if you want to workout whole life and have healthy joints and powerful heart, you have to do a warm-up a EVERY SINGLE TIME before your training session. Want to know why?

* It prepares your cardiovascular system to the forthcoming training
* It prevents early production of lactic acid
* It rise temperature of muscles, cords, connective tissue and lowers chance to get injury during workout
* It improves innervations, making your muscles faster, more coordinated
* It allows to reveal problems with your muscles and joints if you have some if they are hidden in your normal daily activity
* It allows you to focus you on the upcoming workout</quote>

The main rule of warm-up

Warm-up have to be specific. It means that you must warm-up and prepare the muscles that will work in the main workout. Of course, running, cycling and squating before pull-up routine will do some effect, but it would be great to do some warming exercises with your arms, shoulders and elbows.

How long and intensive must be your warm-up?

It depends on how hard you will work on your main workout. If you gonna make couple sets of pull-ups, than it will be fine of 3-5 minutes joint warm-up. But if you gonna make 5 sets of pull-ups with 100 pounds, than you better to be sure you are ready to deal with it.

What kind of warm-up you can do?

There is a lot of warming exercises and protocols and all of them can be used in specific conditions. Here, in the 100-day workout we will show different ways to warm up.

1. Joint warm-up.

Chinese masters spread very popular joint gymnastics called Thai Chi. It is based on the circular smooth motions in joints. But if thai chi is too boring for you than take a look to it western variation shown by Dmitriy Yashankin:

Here is another warm-up shown by Jamal Ajigirey:

And another warm-up video by Sergey Badjuk:

By the way, if you know good english videos showing this kind of wamp-up - write a comment 😉

2. Imitation (specific) warm-up

Imitation warm-up is great if you are going to have heavy workout. Than you better to do exercises of the main part but with smaller weights or calisthenics. If you are already doing calisthenics and it is pretty heavy for you, than you can do easier variations such as push-ups before dips.

3. Shadow-boxing

Another good way to warm up is so called shadow-boxing (you can remember it from action movies of 90th). It is very interesting and allows you to improvise, so it can be used easily before calisthenics workout.

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