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Barstarzz member Vertical giving you guys a routine to try out. All you need is a flight of stairs, and your own body weight! Try out the routine and let us know what you think. Peace.

Routine: To complete this routine you will need 5 steps(stairs). You will start this routine by performing an isometric squat(squat and hold the squat position) for 10 seconds on a flat surface in front of the stairs. You will proceed to jump one step higher, and count 5 seconds in an isometric squat.(On the step) You want to be on the balls of your foot. You will jump up to each step, and hold the squat for 5 seconds until you reach the 5th step.

Once that is completed you will slowly walk back down the steps until you reach the bottom. Immediately get into the isometric squat position for 5 seconds. This time you will jump to the 2nd step skipping the first. 5 second hold then jump to the 4th step 5 second hold. Jump to the 5th step then back to the bottom. Now you hold 5 seconds at the bottom then jump to the 3rd step for a 5 second hold, and then jump to the 5th step for a 5 second hold. Repeat these steps hitting the 4th , and 5th steps then back to the bottom.

Once that step is completed you want to repeat the same process backwards. So jump to the 4th step squat and hold, and then the 5th step and you want to repeat it going all the way down. Once you get to the bottom you will finish this routine by squatting on each step for 5 seconds , once you get to the 5th step you will hold for 10 seconds.

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