This is a tutorial on how to do clap pull ups. Before you attempt to do a clap pull you should be able to do at least 15 regular pull ups with proper form. The clap pull up is an explosive pulling movement. Similar to a pull up but at the very top of the motion you will let go of the bar and clap your hands. Your body positioning for clap pull up should be chest forward and head tilt back. You are going up with a slight lean back as opposed to standard pull up which should be straight up and down. This is a fast movement so you will work all the progressions at a faster pace then usual.
Progressions For The Clap Pull Up

1) High Pull Ups - Perform pull ups trying to get the bar to touch your chest. You want to go up as fast as you can. Progress when you can do 10

2) Explosive Pull Ups - At the top of your pull up remove your hands then place them again on the bar. Don't worry about getting to much distance with this move at first, just try to learn the technique. Progress when you can do 6

3) Finger Touch Pull Ups - This time when going to the top of the bar try to make your inex fingers and thumbs meet. Progress when you can do 6

4) Full Clap Pull Ups - Lean back, tilt head, poke chest forward and go for it. You got it! Remember its not a clap pull up if you can't hear the clap!

This exercise will help you get towards the muscle up and other more difficult explosive pull up bar movements. Make sure while you are practicing the space under you is clear so you don't get hurt if you miss.

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