This video was made with love. I'm usually behind the camera, so thanx to tech, jude, zef, anthony, doc and tripod for camera work. Thanks to LBM for the extra-ordinary beats.

Each day, perfectly different. Each day, notions of new. Knowledge that one's heart may already know, but the brain has not yet regrasped. Like most, BLIND, simply because one does not want to know, yet it's all but an ILLUSION. Acting in the face of anticipated pain (the very definition of fear) OPENNESS. VULNERABILITY. As a child, the titles in society, parents/teachers/priests/politicians say what is right and wrong, good and evil. Tell us what to think, and so rarely the methodology of how they themselves have came to such conclusions. The subconscious shapes most everything. Fears instead of dreams... Though usually temporary as is all.

HAPPINESS. PEACE. A way to truly understand is to give up these illusions, only to see that of another. PAINFUL. Too take out a blank sheet of paper, and being to open up with understanding and HONESTY, a beautiful way we can all learn and grow as much as we can together. Taking responsibility for ourselves and everything that comes into our lives, since we now as adults are the creators. A product of our environment at first, then after, only by our choices. Our feelings are not reality, yet they are very real and not unimportant. Our thoughts don't always match with reality. They are not even OUR thoughts. They're others'. What's in our heads, it's not all real, even though it may feel very real. Not to take it personally. It's the life of a human. It very well may become a reality. Our surroundings then become a manifestation of our own state of awareness. Words not aligned with actions. LABELING, PERSPECTIVE, EXPERIENCE, CHOICE. Our thoughts/feelings/words/actions then create our surroundings/physical. Forcing thoughts with received resistance, but flow like water and there is nothing to resist. Yet we are human beings, not water, there can be perfection within the imperfection. Only with UNDERSTANDING, COURAGE and BRAVERY, within a horrid nightmare may we envision a new and unexpected beautiful view of the world.

Life is only just about to begin. With the hard work and study it is possible for a way forward. As a person doing a movement they are not physically prepared for, they will surely hurt themselves. Or a person reaching something such as enlightenment before they are ready for it, their brain/body will not allow it for perhaps seconds. Something such, it seems like too much, and one will not be able to hold this level. Which is why there is no substitute for hard work and study. With all the past behind, make the present good, and the past takes care of itself? all while life unfolds moment to moment. Tomorrow isn't a reality. It is nonexistent. It does not exist.

Sitting quiet, listening, the silence behind all the noise, the silence that everyone seems to be so afraid of. My heart. Follow my heart. It will tell me exactly what to do. If I can relearn to listen. CONNECT. Open up, with SINCERITY. If I can relearn to trust instincts. DREAMS. PASSION. FREEDOM. TRUTH. PEACEFULNESS. HAPPINESS. LOVE. They are beautiful as words, but far more beautiful as actions. Breath, the only physical that is common in all greatness. Truth is eternal. The only unchanging thing in the entire Universe. Life, so simple, yet so complex. Give up everything or take it all in, and end up at that same simplicity?

In this case, selfishness meets selflessness. It's about EVERYONE. My reasons may seem strange, as only they are no longer reasons. I don't have to do it. I'm not doing this for a result or a reason. I'm not doing this to really get anything out of it. There are many plans, goals and dreams, though no attachments to them, no tomorrow. I'm only now just doing it. Human beings, we are beings of expression. It's an expression of my soul. EXPRESSING. Showing how I am on the inside through my physical movement outward. I only ask my heart if I want to do this, and will it nourish my soul...

It is not about working out. It is possibly least about working out. It's about self-knowledge, better one's self and in turn the world.
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