How to get cut in the city... and not with a knife! Barstarzz Freestyle Calisthenics is a way to get ripped for nothin'. It's spreading across the globe and hey, you can do it too.

In this video Eduard Checo, founder of Barstarzz, introduces us to the incredible movement that started in New York and has now spread globally, through YouTube and Facebook. Barstarzz is about seeing how creative you can be with bodyweight workouts. These workouts can take place anywhere, your local park, street corner, or home. It's about freedom to explore what your body is capable of.

Video shot in Fort Tryon Park in Washington Heights neighborhood of Manhattan New York.

Director: Eduard Checo
Producer: Eduard Checo
Athletes: Eduard Checo, Vertical, Samer Delgado, Juicy Cinn, Juan Rosario

Best Urban Workout, SEXY in the City | Barstarzz Freestyle Calisthenics, Ep. 1

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