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This bar world is full of "strong" individuals that are capable of completing some amazing physical feats. Yet at the same time they are so weak, that they can't tap "Like" on a positive post. Humility is a strength that I constantly have to exercise, but it's becoming more and more difficult in a world where acknowledgement only happens in the presence of the humble. I really wanted to start this year different in terms of unifying everyone in the calisthenics community, but I'm constantly reminded everyday that it's better to take the tunnel instead of a burning bridge. Today there's a call for "real workout," also a segregation between core calisthenics and showtime free styling. There should be a call for unity in the bar community. These are issues I tried to address years ago. For example, the Bar Commission was established to be a governing body that would keep order in the community that was growing at a monstrous rate (FAIL #1). Furthermore, the Bar Conference, would be an online gathering to discuss issues and the future progression of the bar world (FAIL #2). Next, the creation of The Bar Club allowed all teams to meet monthly for challenges and keep everyone training throughout the year while building camaraderie amongst "bar athletes" and making it a sport (FAIL #3). Finally, it would be a meeting of all the pioneers to sit down and clear all misunderstandings to figure out a way to work together (FAIL #4). There's much more, but this post is already too long. I wanted to try something different this year. Last year I put out challenges, called out some people directly and indirectly, invited all to events and the results were the same. All of the falseness has to come to a end eventually. I know who's who and what your motives are, I don't care if you want to freestyle, train your upper body, train your lower body, lift weights, or just do basic calisthenics. Just keep it real with yourself and stay far away from me and my family with phony pounds and smiles. I appreciate all that show love to my face and behind my back.

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20.02.2015 10:31
Очень круто!
20.02.2015 16:43

Что именно?
20.02.2015 20:52
Выносливость ANt1k наверное имел ввиду.
20.02.2015 21:11
Ну просто нам нужно знать, чтобы свои видео тоже крутыми делать 😃
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