Great exercises & variations for abs & core only using Bodyweight (Calisthenics). Routine examples and alternatives/progression exercises.

Hanging leg raises (full) / Strict toes to bar.
(Alternative: Hanging knee raises)
Flutter kicks & Dragon Flag flutter kicks variation
Jack knvies & variations
Hanging diagonal/oblique raises & variation
Hanging oblique/side raises
Plank elbow to knee cross

Be sure to also check out "Strength & Freedom - Bodyweight Training Motivation" - where I am training in Miami (some of the dragon flags from there):

And my Vacation Workout Motivation from earlier this summer:

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Calisthenics & Weight Training


22.09.2014 15:01
paced (lento) exercise is excellent - the technique does not suffer, the quality of the result on the face (abs) !
22.09.2014 23:06
Мне бы так делать.
23.09.2014 22:56
Да-а, вот это мышцы... Реально крутой мужик...
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