"With a little bit of vision, mentality, belief, confidence in yourself, the world is your playground, limitless." Welcome to Greg's life as the Behind The Scenes and Day In The Life videos series, available only in the Members Section, provide you with a window into Greg's life on and off the set.

What you do in the gym fuels your life outside the gym. A strong mind never rests. Greg demonstrates that in his Day In The Life video series highlighting his off hours. Greg takes you bungee jumping, shows you how to turn your vision into a reality with his construction projects, and provides a glimpse into his life in this video series.

Plus, the Behind The Scenes videos give you an exclusive look at Greg on the set of magazine cover shoots, commercials, and numerous other projects. Go on location with the world's number one fitness model as Greg shares with you what goes on behind the camera and how these projects come together.

The Members Section contains 189 videos, including 54 instructional workout videos. Only $9.95 a month for full access! Join the army of the newly transformed and successful at only at!

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21.11.2012 21:31
Мега крутой мужик! Его видео реально мотивируют к тренировкам!!!
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