Видео / Разное / Park workout routine 1 (bodyweight only)

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Routine Rundown:

Jump rope x 100 spins in front of each round.
Mu x 3 (or explosive/reguler pull ups)
Bar dip x 3 (or seated dips)
Pull up x 3
Iso hold 5s x 3
Push up x 10 (hand grips optional)

(rest 3-5min between rounds if solo
or the duration of your partners round)

Advanced x 3-4 rounds
Intermediate x 2-3 rounds
beginners 1-2 rounds

*We did 3 rounds here (shown 2).
pyramid down on the Mu/Dip/Pull


24.02.2015 00:00
Хорошие выходы, теперь это редкость:star:⭐
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