Видео / Разное / [1/5] Hannibal For King (HFK) Group Session Video Shoot

Freestyle calisthenics group session hosted by the one and only, Hannibal For King (HFK). Marconi Park, Queens. 2010-Sept-11.

My goal with these videos is to show the unity and love that exists within the free-calis community, and that's why I mainly left them unedited, and included the behind the scene stuff as well. So my emphasis is more on the "feel" of the event than on the "flash". I wanted the viewers to have the experience as if they were actually at the event.

Much thanks and appreciation to Hannibal for inviting us to the event. Shout outs to Blaq Ninja (Bartendaz) and Hostage Musick for coordinating it.

*EDIT*: Out of respect for Hostage Musick and Hannibal, the rest of the footage has been taken down until further notice. We apologize. -Syn

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