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"100 Days WorkOut" program was developed as an educational course or beginners in calisthenics and street workout as well as for those who want to bring themselves in a good form from the scratch. The programm could be easily adapted to any level of physical background, and the information in programm would be interesting and useful for people who already been training for several years too.

The programm is based on the circuit training complexes with 3-4 exercises, which are perfomed one by one without rest in between. Additionally all participant will receive everyday posts with information about exercises, training, dieting, workout, motivation and other adjacent areas. Our main goal is to EDUCATE the participants of the programm.

Anton Kuchumov aka WasD, one of the founders of Street/Ghetto Workout in Russia and the leader of WorkOut: Fitness from the streets ( project.

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10.02.2015 14:17
Наше промо видео к англо-язычному запуску программы 😃
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