Selected as winner of "American Experience" category at the Smithsonian In Motion Video Contest.

Bartendaz Inc. is the physical fitness division of Giant Thinking Inc, a non-profit organization that combines a unique physical fitness program, martial arts, youth empowerment and hip-hop to push young people and communities to higher standards of physical, social and moral excellence. This short documentary directed by Kevin Lopez highlights the stories behind some of the great individuals who make up the Bartendaz, and the incredible struggles they have endured to achieve the greatness they exemplify today.

Directed by Kevin Lopez
Cinematography by Derek Aspenberg
Edited by Pooja Shah
Executive Produced by John Lopez
Music by Chris Zabriskie (
Additional Music by Mr. Green
Graphic Art by Andree Ljutica
Sound Mixing by Sid De la Cruz

Starring the Bartendaz:
Hassan "Giant" Bradley
Moses "Water" Prado
Roderick "Tansformah" Hatcher
Solomon "Doc G" Gould


03.03.2014 18:12
Настоящий уличный воркаут. И просто потрясающе красивое видео.
03.03.2014 20:40
Брутальные парни 😃
04.03.2014 12:38
Очень красивое видео.
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