"LSWSA regularly organizes various events for the young people with the objective of involving the risk groups of juveniles in physical activities in order to discipline them, facilitate their return to studies at school and offer them an excellent way to spend their free time. The training sessions are mostly organized by sports enthusiasts, volunteer PE teachers, trainers or former sportsmen because of their knowledge in the basic principles of faultless physical development and their desire to widen their knowledge in street workout in depth.
One of the most active countries in street workout sport is the USA -- there is a large number of street workout sport organizations that are lead by experienced street workout trainers who have specialized in the sport for years.
The idea of the project is to invite the trainers of one of the leading organizations Barstarzz, who during their visit in Latvia could give master-classes to the members and activists of LSWSA, and conduct seminars about involvement of volunteers in street workout activities, management of street workout sport organizations, and the ways and their efficiency of motivating young people. During the actual master-classes, Latvian street workout sportsmen could learn more about the training methodology used in the US, and meet recognized people of the street workout environment."

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