Interview with Nicolas Pley (Paris)

Our guest today is Nicolas Pley from Paris, France. His story is inpsiring because it shows that no matter where you start and where you train, it is your spirit that defines the end results! Starting from the scratch and doing bodyweight exercises at home or at his playground in the woods, he still managed to build an aesthetic and also very strong physique! Let's find out how did he manage to do this!

Hi Nicolas! Tell our readers a little bit about yourself. Where are you from, are you working or studying, what are your hobbies, how old are you and so on. Most people don't know you, so you have to make kind of an introduction.

Well ! I am 17 years old. Currently I am studying in high school, but my real passion is Street Workout. I also practice some martial arts for a long time. And I am from France, next to Paris.

How did you get started working out? How you got familiar with it? Why you started?

I have started working out 1 year and 8 months ago. First I began to become stronger in martial arts, yet step by step its becoming a real passion. People like Dmitry Kuztenov or Ruslan Minachov have motivated me to become stronger and stronger.

How long did it take you to transform your body? Is it all calisthenics or you've trained with weights? Have you tried supplements (BCAA etc.)?

As I said earlier it took me 1 year and half (a bit more to become who I am at the moment), I only practice Street Workout / calisthenics and never lift weight (except on weighted dips, pull ups and muscle ups). I tried supplements one month (whey protein and bcaa), but I never continued.

Interview with Nicolas Pley (Paris)

How your regular workout looks like? Can you write down your detailed training plan?

I practice 6 days a week and 8 hours by day. My training is composed by two parts:

- The first one represent 70% of my training. I work on set and reps with weighted set, <url="">God set</url> and basics as pull ups, dips, push ups, muscle ups.
- On the other side, I work on strenght move as planche, front lever, back lever, maltese and hefesto.

So you say that you train for 8 hours per day?!

Yes! I start in the morning with 4 Hours (5h15-9h15) of set and reps and strenght moves training. During the afternoon I continue with 3 hours (16h-19h) of set and reps. And, finally, I end with strength moves training (20h-21h after dinner).

That's just sick! Mostly on your videos you train alone on the playground in the forest. Is there anything special about that place why you prefer it?

I train alone very often but I am In a crew! Korrigans which I created with 7 friends with whom I train hard. But sometimes I also like to train alone as you could see in my videos because, you could train without chatting and so go harder than training with your friends. But more often I train with my team and I trully like that!

How many people in France do Street Workout?

We have some famous crew as all bars, SBL (or korrigans crew!) and some beast that you must know like Eryc Ortiz.

Okay, what are your current maximums in pull-ups, dips and muscle-ups?

I can do 35 pull ups, a bit more than 70dips, and 14 muscle with competition form! (strict form, one shot, no keeping etc) In France rules are so strict in competition.

Do you have your most and least favourite exercises?

My favorite exercices are front lever pull ups, but I also like impossible dips and weighted muscle ups!

What advices would you give to people, who are just starting or even just thinking about starting?

Eat well and train to become stronger! You have to sets à target and never give up! Maybe sometime you will be tired or sick, but you have to remember why you began! And you should never forget basics like are push-ups, pull-ups and dips! Go hard brothers!


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Судя по его инстаграмму и фейсбуку - реально тренит.
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