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WorkOut Girlz: Yusi Pestano (Venezuela)

Her pictures can be found in Street Workout groups all over the world, because beautiful girls doing calisthenics on the streets are still a rare event. Still, until the very last moment her name remained mostly unknown.

Today we're happy to introduce you Yusi Pestano (MYSTIC) from Venezuela! She is a member of team PROBARRAS OF STREET WORKOUT and also a very nice person. She works as a body painter and loves cooking healthy food, her goal is to dominate her body weight, get advanced calisthenics movements and inspire more girls and boys to train harder. Natali Pashkof asked her few questions about Street Workout and hopefully her answers will motivate more girls and boys to start training! Lets go!

Hi! Im your bar-sister from Russia. Id like to ask u few questions for our russian web page dedicated to Workout in our country. What was your motivation to start training? As I know u began doing it alone and then PROBARRAS invited you to join the team.

In my life I have practiced many sports, coincidentally have been disciplines that normally performed by men and I involved in them because I wanted to go beyond my limits and break the paradigms that set up the society pretending to define what sports are male and female. I really wanted and I want to prove to society but especially to myself that there are no boundaries between genres, that we women are as capable and as strong as men.

WorkOut Girlz: Yusi Pestano (Venezuela)

I started training alone, then one of the guys from PROBARRAS invited me to train with them and I immediately said yes! I wanted to train with guys, learn from them, see their sporting routines and find ways to adapt it to me and get more women break the fear and start training on the bars.

How do you usually spend your day? As I know u train every day. How long do u train? Do you practice stretching after a hard workout? What kind of food do you prefer?

At this time my days are quiet, full of rest and good food while waiting to resume my studies. In the morning I do some flexibility exercises and I organize some of the routines to train the girls. In the afternoons and evenings I usually do heavy workouts Monday through Friday, in the last months took Saturday to practice a little freestyle (although I confess I prefer the routines that require you to do more reps and workouts with weight). Normally I do one hour daily workout, right now my workouts have decreased because of my pregnancy, but I keep exercising on a lower scale. I do basic stretches before, during and after exercise, I have learned that by practicing stretching, this way your muscles recover faster and avoid injury. I've always leaned towards healthy food low in fat, avoid eating carbohydrates at night. My diet consists of many plant and animal protein, lots of salads, vegetables and many fruits.

WorkOut Girlz: Yusi Pestano (Venezuela)

Whats the difference between male and female workout or there is no difference at all?

Workouts are different for everyone, I think that it goes beyond the gender. Аll people are different, have different bodies, different size and color, also live and develop in different societies, therefore I think we should adapt all workout routines to each of us. We can never train in the same way, maybe can reach a common goal but the path won’t be the same for each one. It takes more or less time for some of us to reach that goal but I’m sure we can achieve what we want to!

What do you feel taking part in competitions and performances? How do you prepare yourself for it?

For me the competitions aren’t to show that you are better or worse than other rival, the championships should be to motivate you, to know more people who practice the same sport, to inspire them and let them inspire you. Exchange of ideas, routines, trainings, advices of how to feed yourself and of course cultural exchange. I’m not preparing myself for any competence, it’s clear that I would love to compete but if I do it then just to show my sports skills: what I learned and how I’ve reached it, to learn the thing that other girls do and how they achieve their sports goals.

And the last question: what kind of advice can u give the girls
who just start working out from the very beginning?

I advise them to have a lot of discipline, determination and constancy in their workout but over all a lot of patience!

Thanks Yusi for an interview! We wish you success from our hearts!
MYSTIC Yusi Pestano is a member of BarSisters Female Workout society and got a profile on Facebook:


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