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David “D-Real” Boutros has always called Wingate park his home. Always an athletic kid, you could always find him playing sports or practicing his martial arts in the park. When D-Real was 16, he met DOC in the park and decided to take up calisthenics. He could only do 5 pull-ups when he began, but D-Real went to Wingate everyday to practice calisthenics. He soon joined Team Wingate and began competing. Now one of the most decorated athletes in the calisthenics world, D-Real truly lives out the Wingate motto, E.O.T.O. (Each One Teach One). For being selfless, kind and genuine, his teammates gave him the name D-Real.
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07.06.2015 21:39
Интересно он кисти рук крутит во время прыжков на скакалке.
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