Видео / Разное / p bar planches, statics , variations

training session with solo theo and jermaine, i was very happy with this session, we did alot of basics routines, pulls dips muscle ups, 1 arm pullups weighted aswell, i havent practiced weighted but hit 1 rep of 10kg one arm pull ups full deadhang, chin over bar but other arm was weaker, previous days i hit 20kg muscle up no kip x3 rep, in this video my full planche looks alot better, after not training weighted pull ups or weighted dips for 1 year, i tried again, and managed to hit 75 kg x4 rep on dip, and 60kg pull up x2 rep for a bodyweight of 70kg im happy with my progress, im happy with the control on moves the weight on weighted sets, and also handstand practice is new to me, this is my first official time training for it, i only had a few sets of trying it luckily i got it on video,

my videos and my teams videos are not for entertainment or views, we simply do this, as a portfolio so we can in many years look back at it, of course it is nice to watch video of people and them watch ours whoever is in the bar community from around the world, at the moment i am very happy with my progress ,

thanks to jermaine from.. make every rep count (m.e.r.c.) for giving me the clips


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