Bodyweight exercises are a great alternative to pushing big lumps of iron, and can be done in the gym or outdoors as a change to your training routine. And they're tough - as we see here, with ten different advanced bodyweight exercises (plus some fun variations), demonstrated by Swedish athlete and YouTuber Kris aka Fitness Clown.
These exercises, also known as Calisthenics, are becoming increasingly popular. Having initially gained attention through BarStarzz-type videos on YouTube, the training benefits of exercises like this are now being recognised and incorporated into exercise regimes around the world.
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13.01.2014 20:59
что дает упражнение 8?
13.01.2014 21:33
По идее биц и плечи.
15.01.2014 11:13
Хорошие упражнения, возьму на заметку.
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